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Meet Faces of Life inspired [Li]: Jason Godfrey, Angelique Teo, Hannah Al Rashid & David Yee

In conjunction with its first anniversary in Malaysia, Life Inspired (Li) brought the four gems of Asia – Jason Godfrey from Hong Kong, Hannah Al Rashid from Indonesia, Angelique Teo from Singapore and David Yee from Malaysia – on an exclusive one-day tour to meet Malaysian media members in Kuala Lumpur. [L-R] Jason Godfrey , Angelique Teo, Hannah Al Rashid , and David Yee Li (Astro B.yond ch706) , Asia’s first HD lifestyle television channel, has recently appointed four charismatic personalities in the region as faces to represent Li’s five pillars of aspirational living – Food, Home, Wellness, Travel and Style . The ambassadors are the host of Li’s two-minute vignettes called the ‘LINK’ which provides exclusive insights about the lifestyle trends across the Asian continent. Date: Tuesday, 11 October 2011 Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm Venue: Sultan Lounge , The Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur The venue is kinda hidden in Mandarin Oriental and Sultan Lounge looks like a new wonder la

Life Inspired w David Yee @ Garibaldi Italian Restaurant, Bangsar

Li , short for Life Inspired – Asia’s first HD lifestyle television channel that showcases the five pillars of aspirational living: Food, Home, Wellness, Travel and Style – introduces the Faces of Li. They are David Yee from Malaysia, Angelique Teo from Singapore, Hannah Al Rashid from Indonesia and Jason Godfrey from Hong Kong. David Yee (Malaysia), Angelique Teo (Singapore), Hannah Al Rashid (Indonesia) and Jason Godfrey (Hong Kong) will be the host for LINK. Created in Asia by Asians, Li aims to bring a brand new way of inspired living to its viewers through its diverse plate of premier Asian programmes. A Li viewer is the affluent, cosmopolitan Asian urbanite who appreciates the rich variety of Asian-inspired content. Li is currently available on 12 platforms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, with more Asian countries to follow. The Faces of Li will host the channel’s short-form programming called the LINK , which airs regularly every day in b