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Proton/Lotus-Renault GP Showcase @ Singapore F1, Clarke Quay

Click "Like" if you are visiting here because of the thumbnail of the photo above ;p _________________________________________ Thanks to Proton Malaysia I was invited to cover the events along the trip to Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2011 . Took Aeroline bus to Singapore and a picture of me is enough to explain that. [Fast forward jump] Met up Akiraceo coincidentally at the McD of Harbour Front while both of us lost contact with each other. Haha, Akiraceo was buying ice-cream that time~ Proton and its subsidiary Group Lotus, the title sponsor of Lotus-Renault GP , is making its presence felt in Singapore with a showcase. Me and Akiraceo reached Proton/Lotus-Renault GP Showcase which was located at the center of Clarke Quay, Singapore. Met up with Peggy , Singapore blogger and her boyfriend, Glen Met up with Alvin from Proton Malaysia, thanks for the dinner treat =) Peggy, Alvin, TC and Akiraceo@Miao Lotus-Renault GP F1 car - the main star in the showcase If you’re wonderi