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Ruark Audio Now in Malaysia - R7, R5, R3, MR1 and MRx starts from RM 2099

Ruark Audio now available in Malaysia R7 R5 R3 MR1 MRx As the title mentioned, the British sound brand Ruark Audio is now in Malaysia and you may purchase from online store .  Ruark Audio's trademark luxury sound systems including R7, R5, R3, MR1 and MRx are created for discerning users who appreciate exquisite modern craftsmanship, timeless British design and sensational full-bodied sounds. With VSTECS Astar as the official & sole distributor for the Malaysian market, discerning music lovers can now appreciate the charm of its warm, full- bodied sound systems – which sound as good as they look.  Perfect synergy between audio and design Ruark’s claim to fame is its careful balance of the synergy between cabinet, amplifier and drive unit design. Its five music systems feature refined Ruark Audio sound drivers with Class A-B amplifiers , laid out in a sleek enclosure that is dampened and tuned to provide ideal conditions for them. As a result, the R7, R5, R3, MR1 and MRx can al