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More HI-5 HOUSE HITS 2014 shows to meet overwhelming demand!!

The best-selling Hi-5 children musical group has an unprecedented popularity worldwide and there’s no exception in Malaysia. Since the dates for Hi-5 House Hits 2014 Live in Malaysia show were announced to the public in late September, the response from our local fans has been phenomenal. To accommodate the demand for tickets, Hi-5 Operations, the organiser to this fanfare production has added 2 more shows, for 11am on 11 December and 6pm on 14 December, to the original show schedule summing up to a total of 11 shows available for the public. Indeed great news and relief for the excited children and parents in this region to have this valuable chance to enjoy and truly experience this unique and extravagant musical show. 


Thanks to Hotlink, is giving away a pair of Running Man Cat 2 Tickets worth RM864 at this special day. Only ONE lucky and deserving winner will be selected this time so you better show me why you deserve this pair of tickets!! Not much time left and this flash giveaway will end on 12pm (31 Oct 2014). For more details, check out the contest post on my FB PAGE!!
PS: If you already got tickets, please give chance to others who haven't get the ticket ya! Share with your friend so they can join and win!!

Harith Iskander's #LaughMalaysia Memang Terlalu Istimewa

Courtesy of Nuffnang, I had so much laugh at Harith Iskander "To Know Malaysia is to Laugh Malaysia" Stand up comedian together with Dr. Jason Leong and the naughty comedian Papa CJ all the way from India. I just realized that this whole show involved  Malay + Chinese + Indian Comedian =D *no racist yo* I really like how Harith Iskander end this show by promoting the real Satu Malaysia spirit. No matter what races you are, you are always Malaysian and there won't be needs to tick on which races you are in near future. #NuffnangXLaughMY #LaughMalaysia #HarithIskander

ZaloraMY x The Book of Life: Halloween Photoshoot #myzalorabookoflife

Halloween is coming this Friday!! Have you decided which outfit to choose for the party at night?? Courtesy of Zalora Malaysia, TGV Indulge and Nuffnang, I got the chance to have a makeover by team Zalora Malaysia and SUB Makeup team in conjunction with the movie  "The Book of Life". Without knowing the full story of the movie, I was choosing my outfit based on Manolo but due to time constraint and unforeseen circumstances, I actually dressed up more like the evil Xibalba muahahaha. My dear friend Povy dressed up exactly like La Muerte.  Overall, I like the movie because it bring a message of "we write our own book of story, we decide our own destiny".
I've always behind a camera but this time I am being photographed by the awesome photographers (Sadruddin Shafie and Hust the Mr Swagga ) in Zalora Office. Now I know how my client feel when I ask them to change pose hahaha. I was clueless with model poses but glad that photog bros guided me on some poses and we…

[Review] 《懼場 The Cage》实境电影观后感 - 2014年10月30日 马来西亚全国公映

ntv7荣誉呈现,本地第一部实境电影(reality movie)《懼場 The Cage》 (惧场)即将在2014年10月30日 马来西亚全国公映!感谢ntv7与mm2 Entertainment的邀请,小弟抢先看了啦~
《懼場 The Cage》结合“电影”,“真人秀”和“纪录”的元素,摄制团队和演员们在没有编剧,没有对白,只有故事的“开始”与“结束”的情况下进行实境拍摄并完成缉凶任务,剧中所看到的每一句对白,每一个动作,每一个表情都来自演员拍摄当下最真实的性情和感受!

演员:杨雁雁, 许亮宇, 辛伟廉, 庄可比, 陈凯旋, 蔡佩璇, 张顺源, 庄仲维, 李承运, 林美芬, 王骏 导演:陈炳丰 池家庆

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014: Street Photography with You #SCKLM2014

If you ask me to choose between running and swimming, I will definitely go for swimming because it is more comfortable and relaxing for me instead of panting for breath after a run haha. My lovely girlfriend love to run so I accompanied her to Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 the other day. Seriously, I find it difficult to wake up early in the morning at 5am just to go for a morning run. But well it is once a year to witness this huge KL marathon in the beautiful heart of Malaysia. 
I was planning to take photos for girlfriend and friends at the finish line but in the end I think I took more street shoots and shoot something different this time (real excuse is because I didn't manage to spot them at the finish line hahaha)

ALLY LEW Album Launch Party @ SS2 Mall, Kakiseni Freespace | Oct 25, 7pm

I heard about Ally Lew through a friend of mine and here's a little posting to support Ally's music album launch. Looking at her talent and big passion on music, I feel like wanna do something to help our local talented music artist =) ALLY LEW Album Launch Party will be held at SS2 Mall, Kakiseni Freespace this coming Saturday (Oct 25, 7pm) so don't miss it!! With just RM30 you can enjoy live music from Ally Lew herself AND a complimentary album.

If you are new to Ally Lew's music, listen to this song first =) I am sure some of you will love it as much as I do:


Wanna catch Running Man live this 1st November with four of the hilarious Running Man castsJeeSeok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha and Song JiHyo?? Expect each and every single one of them to entertain and surprise you with their personal antics in challenging games prepared on stage.

Adventurous Trip to Toshiba Convention 2014 @ GICC - I Love the 84" UHDTV!!

This will be a post about my adventurous trip to Toshiba Convention 2014 @ Genting International Convention Centre. Why is it so challenging?? You will find out soon! Together with Toshiba 84" Ultra HDTV, ToshibaINVERTER Multi-door Refrigerator G-Series and S-DD InverterMagic Drum Washing Machine, I can have #SmartFuture with all the new Toshiba Electrical Appliance!

[Photo] Mariah Carey ‘The Elusive Chanteuse Show’ Tour in Malaysia 2014 #MariahCarey [PART 2]

Continuous from the first post, I just receive second batch of official photos from IME Productions and I've decided to do something extra to make these photos look even more appealing and meaningful especially for Mariah Carey and Malaysia MIMI Lambs Fans. I hope you will like it!!
Oh ya, photos credit to Eric Chee,my photographer buddy and IME Productions . I just did minor editing on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. If you love them feel free to share them by credit to this site or tag me @tianchad. Enjoy!! Updating this photo post at 5AM in the morning

[Photo] Mariah Carey Rainy Concert in Malaysia 2014 - HERO was the best #MariahCarey

Okie, just came back from Mariah Carey's Concert Live in Malaysia 2014 and gotta say too many unexpected things happened. Especially the continuous rain, thunder and perhaps a little fire? After heard about the recent news I didn't hope too much for this concert to be perfect. Especially when it rain cats and dogs. Mariah Carey definitely has a strong music band AND awesome dancers performing in this concert, just that it was a bit disappointing when the weather turn bad and Mariah Carey didn't hit the tone like the CD album everytime. I know it is not easy to hit the "Dolphin's tone" but I can see that she tried her best. Maybe it was the rain that cause sound system problems because screen was switched off somehow and piano wasn't functioning well too. Luckily Mariah Carey was spontaneous enough to entertain the crowd with instant lyrics including words like "Kuala Lumpur", "beautiful people" and many more. 
Basically Mariah Carey s…

Mariah Carey Shopping in Starhill Kuala Lumpur

International Superstar Diva Mariah Carey was spotted shopping in Starhill, Bukit Bintang at 9pm on the eve of Deepavali, created a scene with the surprised shoppers. The Diva spent as high as 6 figures in total, in various branded boutiques, according to sources. The songbird is in Kuala Lumpur for her Mariah Carey 'The Elusive Chanteuse' Asian Tour 2014, kicking off tonight at Merdeka Stadium at 8pm. She arrived in her private jet two days ago.

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus available for pre-purchase in Malaysia soon!

Maxis Berhad recently announced they will offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest advancements in iPhone history, beginning on Thursday, 6 November 2014. Customers can pre-purchase the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus beginning on Friday, 31 October 2014 at For more information on Maxis, please visit: For more information on iPhone, please visit:

Nikon D750 & Coolpix S6900 Selfie Camera Malaysia Launch with Precious

Exactly one month ago, Nikon Malaysia has finally launched their latest smallest and lightest Full Frame DSLR Nikon D750 and selfie compact camera Nikon Coolpix S6900. As a user of Nikon D800, I've always hoping that Nikon can come out with something lighter yet can deliver optimum quality photos and high performance. I've getting tired of carrying heavy DSLR and camera lenses around and glad that D750 is now in the market. The major difference between D750 and D800 is of course the lighter weight and tiltable screen. Lesser MegaPixels but more reason for me to shoot RAW photo with D750. Oh  yeah, D750 has built in WiFi too for easy posting to social channels. 
Now let's check out what are the main features of Nikon D750 would ya? Continue read:

DASH & OJ LAW at Guinness Amplify Music Made of More | KL LIVE

Hello guys, it is gonna be Monday again (very soon) so here's another post about Guinness Amplify Music Made of More featuring DASH (Darren Ashley and the band), OJ LAW and MAGIC!. Both me and my girlfriend were the invited guest and we were given some drink tokens to redeem Guinness during the event.Well, to be honest, if they allow me to bring in my own camera especially DSLR to capture some precious moments of the music artists I will be much happier haha.
Anyhow, I brought along two camera - SONY RX100 first edition and Samsung NX30 Smart Camera for this event. Both DASH and OJ LAW's performance were captured using Sony RX100 and I wish I can have their latest SONY RX100 v3 to take better photo. Sony RX100 so far is still the most compact camera you can bring into a concert/music showcase.
If you wanna check out photos of Magic! taken using Samsung NX30, read it here:

MAGIC! Rude Live in Malaysia 2014 | #Amplify Music Made of More

Okie, so I just got back from Guinness #Amplify Music Made of More music showcase at KL Live and glad to see that Guinness is supporting awesome local music artists and this show a good sign for our local music scene. Darren Ashley and OJ Law performed well before Magic! appear on stage. I didn't know that there will be only three music band performing tonight and was looking forward to see Froya and Bihzhu performing too. Anyhow, good one on #Amplify for bringing Magic! to Malaysia yo!! Below are some photos of Magic! band and the song that made them well known all around the world - RUDE.

6 Tools to Help You Take Better Selfie/Wefie

Selfies has already become part of our life ever since #selfies started on Instagram. I believe you who are confident in sharing owns look is always looking for tips to take better selfies photos and post to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and many more social media channel online. So today I am sharing with you the tips and tools I use to shoot better selfies and you definitely gonna find this helpful and look good in your next photo!!

Five Unforgettable and Painful Running Man Moments

Ever wonder what happens when the relentless Kim Jong Kook, the humorous Haha, the tactical Song JiHyo, and scheming JeeSeok Jin get together in a live show?We are sure that there will be turmoil and lots of hilarious moments that will surely bring laughter.
As the Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia this November with the four of them, vote or share your funniest scene that you wish to see at the live concert. Here are golden moments in the series that we think are unforgettable.

Additional Information Episode 20 Game: Extreme Weather Forecasting Guest: Kim HeeChul
In this scene, Haha was getting annoyed, angry and crazy at the same time in enduring the heavy wind, snow & water blown to his face while he tries to finish his weather forecasting on screen within five minutes. In the same time, he was trying to win against two competitive opponents, Song JiHyo and Gary.

Share & Win LINE Dolls this Deepavali Season - Maxis will Donate when you download!!

Guys, I saw this on LINE few days ago and I decided to share with you guys because you can help others by donate to people digitally for free. All you need to do is just to view “Share The Light” video (will be shown below) and download free Deepavali stickers from LINE. For every single download, Maxis will donate RM1 to 10 selected children’s homes around the country. This meaningful campaign will run until 31 October 2014. After the campaign ends, another set of free LINE stickers will be given as a sign of appreciation to all participating Maxis and Hotlink customers.
Not only that, there are special giveaway to Hotlink and LINE users too (which basically means everyone). Just check out the video below =D

My Samsung Guide Dog School Experience in Korea - Love you River!

As part of our 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 coverage, Samsung Guide Dog School is a place that we Social Casters visited. I had already fall in love in this place when I heard that we are going there. Not only we get to understand how Samsung Guide Dog School works, we also get to experience and guided by the professional guide dog name "River". Maybe you should just watch the video below =)

My Skin Improvement at Premier Clinic TTDI

In Chinese culture there's this saying "There is no ugly woman, just lazy woman". I think it does applies to both genders as man nowadays should make himself looks good and presentable to other people too. Two weeks ago I visited the Premier Clinic which located in TTDI for some aesthetic improvement on my skin. Since I have severe acne scars on my face, Dr. Kee recommended me to do a SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, Skin Peel treatment and relieve my skin redness with a LED Photomodulation.

Perfect Closing Ceremony Experience @ Incheon Asian Games 2014: BIGBANG, CNBLUE & SISTAR!

Reminiscence through the time we social casters spent together at Incheon Asiad Main Stadium for 2014 Incheon Asian Games 2014 Closing Ceremony, I can't believe that this was happening to me and I wanna share my experience with you guys!! From great dinner to good view of the closing ceremony at the Sky Box, I didn't know that I will able to see famous K-Pop artists like SISTAR, CNBLUE and BIGBANG to perform live in conjunction with 17th Asian Games Closing Ceremony. Read more below =)

Interview with Pandelela Rinong: Not My Day #2014AsianGames

After Dato' Lee Chong Wei, we get to interview our Team Samsung Athletes Pandelela Rinong at the Samsung Athletes Village the next day after her 10m platform diving match. Although she didn't manage to grab any medal this time around, she has stayed positive and planning to get back to the academy and continue training for the next match.
Here's our interview below:

Morning Zumba @ Bukit Jalil Park #MoreLife

Harlo!! Hope it is a good day to you =) I've always heard my girlfriend go exercise at Bukit Jalil Park after work and I wonder how good is that place in the morning. Hence we've decided to go there really early to exercise during a weekend and it so happen that there was this World Alzheimer's Day Memory Walk happening at the park. Glad that we were there early enough to find parking and guess what?? I did my first Zumba exercise at the park. It was fun! *shake my booty*

Famemas @ Samsung Incheon Asian Games 2014

Today was a great get-together with FAMEMAS supporters club and the Samsung promotion winners after the 10m Diving Match. Love them the moment we met them because of their positive energy and supportive spirit. I've witnessed their energy in cheering, always loud and clear and storming the stadium from the start till the end. 

Samsung GALAXY Note 4 & Gear S @ Samsung d'light

Yesterday we went to Samsung d'light which located within the Samsung Electronics building in Seocho-dong, Seoul. Samsung d'light is actually a global exhibition space that showcases the latest product lineup by Samsung Electronics. The name d’light combines the words ‘digital’ and ‘light’ to correlate with the company’s vision of being ‘a guiding light to the digital world’ and sharing the excitement and delight of digital technology through interaction with visitors. The ‘d’ also carries with it the connotation of ‘dynamic,’ ‘dream,’ and ‘diversity.’ 
As you can see from the photo above, it is a selfie of me with the Samsung 110" UHDTV!! This Samsung UHDTV is so impressive, besides its large screen size, the TV frame has 3 speakers and 2 woofers built-in. It will be awesome to watch movie or even football match with it.

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