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【PHOTO】Cutest Sleeping Puppies I've Ever Photographed. Hope they made you smile

Cutest Sleeping Puppies I've Ever Seen and photographed If you love looking at something cute and like dog or puppies too, this photo post is for you. I took some photos of these puppies when I first saw them resting under a huge lorry. They making that cute little sound and I was worry about the lorry. Thankfully there were kind human who built a dog house for them and now relocated them to somewhere safer. They are now much bigger but I am glad I went to shoot some photos when the puppies were still very young with their eyes closed, wanting more milk from dog mommy or sleeping under the shade.  For now, enjoy the photos. I've uploaded to Shutterstock and hopefully can get approval soon. Let me know if you are interested in getting them printed in large size to decorate your room or space at home. Or else, wait till Shutterstock approve it for commercial usage. Quick updates on the puppies, total two are adopted and now left all female puppies for adoption. I was quite surp

If You Love Puppies You're Gonna Love This

Happy Sunday everybody!! How's your weekend so far?? I've been slowly sorting out some backdated photos in my hard disk and definitely wanna share with you guys some cute puppies photos today. I am both cat and dog person but it seems like I got more fate meeting with the puppies haha. I met these puppies in Ipoh last year and there were a bunch of them sleeping inside a small wooden house. The owner sprinkled some water because they were feeling hot yet stick to each other sleeping soundly. At first I was just taking photo of them sleeping but the owner were kind enough to let naughty me disturb their sleep and carry them out for a short sunbath and photo opp haha.