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Dec 31st 2008

Yay Dec 31st has arrived!! Hehe A big day for me!! Just now went to find old friend around Bukit Beruang And have some drinks at MOLI Cafe Alot of students, foreigner and "leng lui" ;p After that, went to his house and cycle around the "Taman" Long time didn't spend my time with the nature ;p It is very relaxing when you are at the playground hearing the sounds from the wind + leaves!! Especially at night. It would be better if tonight can see stars Should get nearer to nature instead of working eating and sleeping only ;p Looking back to 2008 on what had I done and what for 2009: Graduated safely (Second Class) Relaxed long time enough before searching for job Develop my blog to let it become part of my memory/ diary Met alot of bloggers that manage to earn money by just blogging (I wanna be one of them!!) Found a job that is in my interest, but salary still cannot satisfy me ... Start to develop myself on how to adapt to the real world! Raising money for a P

PeiYing's Sis Birthday Party

On 26th of Dec, me and Marccus + Yan Ni were the only invited to Pei Ying's Sister Birthday Party She can't invited more because it is PeiYing's SISTER party Alot of foods were provided Got Steamboat, Homemade Pizza, FrenchFry, Fried Chicken Satay + Nugget, Jelly and Ribena+Orange Mixed Juice And "Xi-Mi Lu" @ 西米露 (Forgot what it called in english again) We actually arrived early so we start cam-whore This picture is naturally split into two ;p Zhi Kang + Pei Ying, Yan Ni + Me Again~ Now is Marccus's turn to take photo While we are still waiting, Yan Ni start to grab a Nugget stick to eat Working is tiring and make people hungry what ;p Congratz to the new pair of couple ;p Pei Ying with her mom, the big cook After we had finished the foods, and watching the Spiderman 3 @ ASTRO for one hour ++ The birthday cake at last came out Got two birthday star. Pei Ying's Sister, Pei Wen and her friend As usual, picking out the candle Now is her friend turn ;p Look ho

Sweets from Korea

Last week my boss went to Korea with his family for a 6days 5 night trip. So I am free of supervising eye for nearly one week ;p Yesterday he back to office and gave us all some present from Korea. Sweets I like the Pumpkin Sweet ~.~.~.~.~.~ Since I am working as a R&D for fermentation. I am glad that the result did help the company in some way ;p Now what I need to do is to make the fermentation process more cost effective and efficient~ Currently slacking at home and met 6 years ++ long time no see J3AB friends last night!! 6 years do make someone changed alot ah!! Today bought a pair of contact lens. Will try to wear it Happy slacking~ Countdown is coming!

Christian Personal Finance

(Below article is acquired from www. christian ) This year Christianpf have over $350 worth of goodies to give away! But, these giveaways are going to be a little bit different than the weekly giveaways . Let me explain… To enter to win any of the items… Mention these Christmas giveaways on your website Come back to this post and leave a comment with the URL of where you mentioned it That’s it! If you don’t have a website you can… Mention it on your Facebook page (also be sure to add me as a friend so I can see it) or Create a free squidoo page and mention it there So, Christianpf 's hope is that these giveaways can be win-win! By you mentioning the giveaway, Christianpf is hoping that it will draw some new readers to CPF and by posting your link in the comments of this post hopefully it will send some visitors to your site as well! Oh, a

X'Mas Event !!

Merry X'Mas everyone :) I went to Sunway Pyramid with Marccus, Mun2, Yeng2 again to meet Li Ern ;p A bit traffic jam, so we are late again... Sorry Li Ern Luckily got NIKE shopS for you to shop Yeap, there are 3 or more NIKE outlets in Sunway Pyramid This is how an international do business right? Let's start the story with pictures Hmm..Too hungry to eat the golden egg on Christmas Tree Mun2 too. First thing we go and meet Li Ern. Then we start hunting for foods. FIG & OLIVE ?? After wandering around we decided to stop at Subway They are happy with it Mun2 can't wait to have a big bite Finished in one minute Marccus too! Poor them for able to eat only after 8 PM ;p Yeng2 + Li Ern who want to grabs her foods Li Ern:" I think I sense someone want to eat mine...~" *The lady behind is imaginating .. eating the bun* See her mouth~ Mun2 + "PaiSeh" Marccus Me + Mun2 A grp photo before we leave the Subway Walking around the shops Marccus was aske