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Exclusive Rania Kpop 'DR Feel Good' @ SuaraKami 2011 [Photos]

[All photos below were taken using Nikon AF-S VR - NIKKOR 70-200mm 1:2.8G Zoom Lens ] As promised to a reader and Rania Nation , here are more photos of Rania performing at Concert SuaraKami 2011. You can see who were the performing artists by heading to 'Konsert SuaraKami 2011 Exclusive Photos' . Tons of photos there and do comment below if you wanna see more photos of your favourite artist~ K pop fans screamed their hearts out with Semi, Riko, Jooyi, Di, Joy, T-ae and Xia , who are part of Korea’s latest sensational 7-member group, Rania . This group has been gaining much attention as their debut album was co-produced by the famous Teddy Riley , the one who’s responsible for the success of platinum-artists like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Before the show started Rania is already on stage. Waving to the fans 'Hey TianChad it is you! XD" Ready up!! RANIA! Watch this DR Feel Good MV first then you can recognize the dance/sexy move through the photos below DR

HTC ChaCha - FB Share Link Easily. It shine!

Do you know that whenever HTC ChaCha detected the website/photo you are surfing now is "FB-able" the customized FB button will shine? =) Let see what I shared this week using HTC ChaCha. When it shine it means "FB Share time"!! If you've missed out meeting Godfrey Gao in person at Overtime Pavilion , read this blog post with many photos as teasers. Olivia Ong new song -海枯石爛 Having dinner at Sakae Sushi~ One of my favourite restaurant Harbour Steamboat in Puchong is relocating soon More food photos via HTC ChaCha instant share~ Does this looks tempting for you? Bought a new MicroSD card for storing more photo/video =) Was at SuaraKami Carnival since 1PM until the concert end. It was a long day and that's where I got my sexy voice [because of the flu] . The octopus shape-like stage for SuaraKami Concert 2011 Live sharing of SuaraKami Concert. Rania and Nelly performed!! Posted a photo of Rania doing DR Feelgood dancemove Here's a clearer version of Ran