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I Like "KFC Tucky Tucky" Facebook Game!

Today would like to share a cute game on Facebook. I do like cute stuff especially something like Patapon =D Good to see that Malaysia KFC manage to create this such cute game: KFC Tucky Tucky (Tucky2) Now I can go hunt Onions And kill some chicken to cook a nice Ginger Chicken Soup I can even kill a Crocodile with just a snap~! Lol *Tadaa~!* Woohoo really addicted to this game now. If I am not wrong the Gold Coin that I earn through this Facebook Game can exchanged to Snax Point. Which eventually can change to real KFC meals~! Will share more about this adorable flash game after I manage to get a Snack Plate to eat ya! If you are interested, please go and play this game now~! Click me: KFC Tucky2

TC Recap: June 2009

Let see, June of 2009is a month of me having some contest, lucky to get the rewards, attend few more events [ruumz and Nuffnang], visited new night clubs [Sanctuary, The Loft Upstair, HQNine]. Definitely a happening and fruitful month! Most Wanted Ruumates @ GreenPacket RoofTop The moment I meet most of the contestant =) Went to Henessy Artistry @ The Loft Upstair and first met with Caprice and Amirah Picture with Caprice and Starz Angel . For more picture Click HERE Participated in Nuffnang KFC Flavaroast Contest with Nicole , Xeroz and Ange Which eventually become our first time won cash prize with great team works =) Thank you guys for the votes! Went to Nuffnang Tiger Stand Out Party . Yes I brought my tiger along which made by my sister-DearBear3 =D And had a panty hose fight with KennySia. I still remember the greasy feel =.= Have little gathering with UTAR friends at Boston Mont Kiara Check out their decoration and ambient. Click HERE Used my creativity and patient to

The Fate of Chicken Little

Do you like adorable and cute animals? I do! Almost all animals looks cute when they are still young. So what is your favourite? Chicken Little? [Taken During Save Our Seahorse Trip ] Apparently these cute animals won't stay alive so long because Mr. Colonel Sanders will turn them into the finger licking good Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) ... And recently I found that Mr. Colonel is not a white guy! Now he looks more like an Asian (yellow)