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Win RM80 IKEA Gift Card Now! [Tips & Hints]

Know your IKEA Products? If you fancy yourself an IKEA fan, take on this challenge and you could be one of the 10 winners to get a RM80 IKEA Gift Card . Know your IKEA products? Win RM80 IKEA Gift Card now! All you have to do is identify these IKEA products and select the correct product name to qualify. Contest is valid from 30 January - 19 February 2013 .     Key in your details Since I am part of IKEA Family member and would like to share the gift with you guys, I will share my answers with you. I am not sure if they are giving the same questions as each member can only join once! So hope it's the same questions and I could help you win the RM80 IKEA GIft Card!  Winners of RM80 IKEA Gift Card will be announced on 25 Feb 2013 Check out below for the answers *****************************************

Fraud & Scam in Condominium/Apartment Malaysia: Gas Leakage

Few days ago on a public holiday, there was this guy (as picture above) who knocked on our door and ask to check if there is any gas leakage .  It was my girlfriend who attend the door and she asked him to wait before I greet him again. The so called 'gas technician' showed us a working pass (I can't remember the company name) and asked again for letting him in to check if there is any gas leakage. I was hesitating and thinking if this is a kind of fraud and suddenly he asked,"Are you the house owner?" I said, "No". The 'Gas technician' then quickly say all-right-never-mind-and-just-leave. He looks really suspicious with what he was doing and the way he wear his clothes. I wonder if any of you have faced the same incident before recently? Above picture was captured by one of the resident of the same condo and he said that the guard has already received complaints and has already chased 4 "gas staff" away!! Obviously this

Valentine Dinner at Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant [Holiday Inn KL Glenmarie]

Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie Courtesy of Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie , me and gf was invited for food dining experience at 风铃Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant prior to the Chinese New Year AND Valentine's Day season. I will show you what we had as a couple =D The interior of Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant Girlfriend after work and boyfriend with love hahaha wtf Chili flakes for extra flavoring Chef Mike - the main chef for Fu Rin Japanese restaurant **************************************** To celebrate Chinese New Year and have a great luck ahead, we were treated with the unique Japanese Yee Sang for the occassion. Offer starts from RM48++ per set . 21 January - 8 February Japanese Yee Sang @ Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant Japanese Yee Sang @ Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant I like to have fresh fish and the crunchy feel whenever I have Yee Sang. Therefore with the huge amount of crunch

Canvas St - The New Modern Canvas You Should Have [50% Promo]

Hey guys just wanna share some good stuff with you. If you are thinking of printing your photos and create a good canvas, you may consider Photobook's Canvas St. "Canvas St. offers you the surest way to having a captivating wall art. We provide an avenue for you to easily create and own a lasting piece of art. " Canvas St Pre Launch Event I've been to the gallery made available nearby Photobook Malaysia office to check out their canvas quality and it was great to see such good quality canvases printed and still has a very light weight. Moreover the prints are scratch and water proof thanks to their Durst Printing Technology. Canvas Size: 12" x 12", 12" x 24", 16" x 16" Man in the frame (24" x 24") Varies size of Canvas If you have enough budget to decorate your wall, you can actually customize all the canvas in different dimension. You can also customize the side of your canvas by includi

NTV7 Bella Awards 2013 @ Marini's On 57 + Top 5 Nominees

Finally I am now blogging about ntv7 Bella Awards 2013 , thank you ntv7 for inviting me to this event as I am glad to take this chance to know all the successful women here. Yes, I do inspired by women who contributed much to the society and having their own personalities =) It was my first time to drop by Marini's 57 too. A great place to hang out after work with awesome KL Twin Tower night view =D It was a great chance to meet up with celebrities and personalities you like too. That's where I met Shila Amzah for the first time and Daphne Iking, my all time favourite women with strong personality =) Check out the photos below for all gorgeous womens ya.  ************************************ ntv7 is setting another national record as the feel good channel introduces Malaysia’s 1st women awards show – Bella Awards 2013 – to celebrate, recognise, and honour successful women for their great achievement and inspirational contribution to the society. The idea of the awa