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A Transformation with Jenny Sun @ Wanaka Bungalow

Nicely crafted deco for wedding @ JSP Workshop in KL 2013 Last weekend I was busy learning as much as possible from the professional photographer Jenny Sun herself at Jenny Sun Photography InsideOut 3 Days Workshop at a beautiful place called Wanaka the Bungalow. For me, I consider this as an intensive workshop as you gotta be ready to absorb all the information in terms of theories and practical in such a short time. Honestly I am still recovering from that intensive program to feed myself with more rest time before I run through all the notes again to transform my photography skill and of course to improve Sky Arts Production and share more beautiful pictures of lovely people that I've met. Met two other professional photographer Daren Chong and Joshua Koh and good buddies Nigel Sia and Stanley from Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling through the workshop too. They do share their photography skills too! Must thanks to the one who prepared all the nicely crafted weddin