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Bluesome Nuffnang 5th Birthday @ Neverland Club KL!

Hola from TC and YiWern =) Here's a photo of us dressed in blue for Nuffnang 5th Birthday Celebration Party at Neverland Club , KL. That's my new sunglasses bought at a glasses shop in Kenanga Wholesale City . It's been so long I never attend Nuffnang screening to meet up with other bloggers but yeah here comes the party for all of us to mingle again! We were a tid-bit late but luckily manage to catch on time. [Blame the rain-jam] Nuffnang 5th Birthday Cupcakes on the stage Dylan , Wern, Serge , Vivien and Jian@Akiraceo The first few bloggers we greet at the reserved seats =D Thanks Serge for the photo =) Later then go and greet other blogger before the event start. Vince and Yeeing Do you believe Vince doesn't have a Facebook account yet? Do you agree with me that he should at least open a FB page? Here's Vince's FB Page ! Jayren - A blogger with positive thinking too =D Kelvin Tan , Isaac Tan and wife, Caroline , Benjamin Foo , Elw