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Tanjung Rambutan Buffet BBQ & Steamboat

Yesterday is a boys gang fairwell dinner for me together with another colleague [KeatSiang]. We went to Kepong to have steamboat and the after rain weather yesterday was just awesome for eating warm and hot food. Let picture tell the stories =) Restoran Tanjung Rambutan Buffet BBQ and Steamboat @ 青山烧烤火锅 The boss was guiding one of my colleagues to come here but failed. Why? Cos he overdrive to Batu Cave and ends up having Mc D ... Sorry bro, blame the traffic jam ~ There are riddles for you to solve and I guess it will change over time Various dishes You can make herbal soup too Those are seafood for yesterday. I guess there would be more if it is weekend. Clam dying to be eaten The specialty of this restaurant is they provide BBQ service. They will cook for you instead you cook yourself and get oily over all your body. Thumbs up for it. Of course, must prepare some vegetables to counter back all meats and seafood provided. [We only eat it at first round ] It is