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iM4U #ReachOutMY Happy Ending @ Taylor's Lakeside! Video inside!

An almost perfect shot to feature all the YouTubers and band performed at #ReachOutMY I missed last year #ReachOutMY concert since it was clashing with another event. So I told myself I should never miss it this year and I am glad I did it! Thanks iM4U for inviting me to cover this event and I had fun covering it although it was really tiring like hell... *heavy camera bags and all and event start from 2pm-11pm* Since I'vegot tons of work to catch up, I will need to finish drafting my blog advertorial first before I can proceed with editing these photos taken yesterday!

Wong Fu Productions @ Malaysia Private Interview [Video]

Let's continue my story of interviewing Wong Fu Productions during their visit to Malaysia for Mini Symposium+Wong Fu 4 Lyfe event . Read my first post before continue reading this one as they are continuous =) Wong Fu Productions Visit Malaysia [Interview Photo+Video] The Press Conference was held in Fullhouse, Sunway Giza. It was a nice play to have photoshoot =) While waiting for our turn to interview Wong Fu Productions privately I've decided to snap some photos. Here's Lainey, XinXian and WeiWen with WONG FU 4 LYFE! XinXian was in blue for Philip while Lainey was wearing grey for Wesley (secret revealed) and no I didn't wear blue for Phil as I just pick a checker shirt among all other colors I have. Hahaha! Phil and Wes was busy on the phone while it was our turn to interview them. Guess who are they Whatsapp-ing with? Watch the interview video below to find out: What are the reasons that make people like Wong Fu Productions and their video What do Wong Fu foresee