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【Review】Sony Headphone WH-1000X M3 with Wireless Noise Canceling

【Review】Sony Headphone WH-1000X M3 with Wireless Music and Noise Cancelling Feature Exactly a month ago,  I've got this new headphone for a test. Usually I will just use earphone (because my handphone got earphone jack) and it is very important when you do your work outside. If you don't want other noise to disturb you, wearing earphone would definitely help. (So your music won't disturb other too) I will share with you my experience after using it for a month. It is great now listening to music wirelessly, regardless of going to the gym with it, or edit video where I need to listen to the music and tempo repetitively. Now I can jump rope headphone on without worries of getting tangled with the earphone wire.

Sony Experience 2017 featuring A6500, RX100 V and A99 @ InterContinental KL

With the advance of technology, mirrorless camera can perform better nowadays and that's why I went to Sony Experience 2017 which was held at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur the other day. I've always a fan of Sony RX100 since their first generation and now it has evolved to the fifth version with much improvement and the ability to shoot slow-mo video in 1000 fps. What's 1000fps video looks like? Check out the video I recorded below for an idea. It's just a random vlog that I've decided to do instead of writing a lengthy blogpost. Video recorded using my S7 Edge and RX100 V. You are always welcome to comment about the video quality.  IS SONY RX100 V GOOD VLOG CAMERA? AWESOME SLOWMO AND QUICK REVIEW!  The other two camera featured during the event is Sony A99 II and Sony A6500. If you ask me, I will definitely consider getting smaller camera body if I want to bring a camera for travel. Hence I was checking out the A7R series, A6500 and RX100 V. The

[Video] Underwater & Scuba Diving At Mabul Island, Sabah #ProveYourself

Let's throwback to my trip at Mabul Island [Prove Yourself: Enjoy New Journeys] Here's my 2nd travel video recorded at Mabul Island. Mainly are underwater footage recorded using FDR-X1000V Action Cam with the AKA-DDX1K dive door (up to 60m) #Sony #ActionCam #ProveYourself #TravelwithActionCam Scuba Diving @ Mabul Island, Malaysia #ProveYourself  Hope you start to fall in love with diving or love it even more after watch this video! Below will have some photos captured solely using FDR-X1000V Action Cam and simple edit using Adobe Lightroom. I love the 170 degrees wide photos and you will definitely able to see it from pictures below.

My Trip To Mabul Island #ProveYourself

Mabul Island - The place I found the love for diving  Hey guys, I've been busy travelling without my laptop for the past few weeks hence I didn't draft any post until today! Finally I got something nice to share with you guys and this is just the beginning of me sharing my travel journeys through my new action cam!! Few weeks back I've been engaged by Sony for their Action Cam campaign – ‘Prove Yourself: Enjoy New Journeys’ and throughout my travels I will be using FDR-X1000V Action Cam to record my travels and share out the visual stories.  This is actually my first travel video recorded and created solely by using FDR-X100V Action Cam and the Highlight Movie Maker for a their quick 2 minutes highlight video feature.  All I need to do was choosing desired videos of the day, set the video length to 2 minutes, and choose background music for the video. Although the Highlight Movie Maker was not perfect in doing what I desired, the video below was complet

PlayStation4 (PS4) Launch in Malaysia on 20th December. Pre-order now @ RM1,799

PlayStation4 (PS4) to be Launched in Malaysia on 20th December, 2013 3 Bundle Sets and 23 Diverse Launch Frame Software Titles to be Released on the Same Day. Preorder Campaign will Start Tomorrow! Pre-order of PlayStation 4 in Malaysia starting from 15 Nov to 13 Dec Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) Singapore Branch announced today that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) (CUH-1006A B01) computer entertainment system will be launched in Malaysia on December 20, 2013 at a suggested retail price of RM1,799 . Launched concurrently are 23 launch frame titles developed by SCE Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) and numerous 3rd party software developers and publishers around the globe. On the same day, 3 bundle sets, each consists of a PS4 system and a selected PS4 title or PlayStation Camera (PS Camera), will hit Malaysia market . Pre-order will start from tomorrow (November 15) and run until December 13, 2013 at all Sony Stores, Sony Store online ( ) an