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Questions for Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Dato' Lee Chong Wei If you are given a chance to interview our national treasure Dato' Lee Chong Wei about upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games . What would you ask? So far I got 2 good questions from my friend =)  "In our life, we gain and loss! Especially for a sport ethnic in the game arena. How will you face and overcome if you are a loser one day because champion is just a moment in real life."   " If u r not playing badminton, what kind of things u wish to do or fulfill in your life?" Start comment below with your question and I might just ask for you! ;p *************************************** 李宗伟明年結婚的新娘是黃妙珠 Apart from that, congratz to Chong Wei and girlfriend/ future wife Miao Zhu 黃妙珠 for getting married next year! I wish you both happy getting married and comes up with many more national treasures! Source from Facebook feed ;p Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your

MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym @ Wangsa Maju Best All Round Workouts

The Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym is an indoor bouldering gym offering all-round fitness training opportunities for anyone and everyone. Among the facilities that are provided: 2000+ holds installed Approximately 2000 ft² of crashpadded climbing area Personal climbing equipment for rent (shoes, chalkbag) Preset routes for novice climbers – boulder routes, traverse routes Pro shop Toilet & shower facilities Campus boards Olympic rings Water & Isotonic Drinks stall Lockers (free of charge) Air-conditioning The green and black building is the MadMonkeyz zone =) I had a visit there last weekend and was welcomed by MadMonkeyz Churn Haw Madmonkeyz climbing gym has this special wall where you can adjust the inclination for different climbing experience . Of course the more incline the harder it would be. Tada~ Now it became beginner wall Churn haw taught us some precaution steps during climbing. For example, how to fall safely and never ever stand below/behind a person who i

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Badminton Day #gplusmy

Badminton, a familiar yet unfamiliar sport for me. My current skill is just you pass the shutter to me and I will try to pass it back. No striking or any skill that I learned on how to win a match. Maybe that's what happen to a nerdy guy like me? Tsk tsk Nuffnang Glitterati Plus had a Badminton Day last Sunday @ New Vision Badminton Academy and I initially decided to go there just to take photo of them playing. In the end I need to play too because there were 3 courts available for us. If can't find New Vision Badminton Academy on your GPS or MAP, find Jalan 13/1 on Blackberry's Google map. The academy is just behind Jaya 33. Didn't know Tim and Nick will come. And didn't know they have talent in playing badminton too So I start snapping photo when they started playing Firdauz striking the shutter There are so many kids training in the hall. Warm up is a must before exercise Sha @ Teh Tarik Memoirs with his signature I-am-ready-pose Running for