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PJ Laugh Festival(PJLA): Caught in the Middle Part IV

First of all thanks Timothy Tiah and Audreey Ooi for giving out ticket of PJLA: Caught In the Middle Part IV and we get to watch together with them. This show featuring Mano Maniam, Sandra Sodhy, Zaibo, Chew Kin Wah and director Thor Kah Hoong . Do you know laughing is actually a very good way/channel to release stress that piled up from work? All in all, this show is really "So funny can die one" XD The air is so cool and fresh after the rain =D Visited Kissaten (Jaya One) for dinner along with Wern and Simon Seow . Will write another post which mainly picture about food. They use bight light bulb as decoration and lighting. Looks alike with Alexis Kitchen Bar ! Each ticket worth RM70 but this time it is free from Tim and Aud =) Thanks again~ We were a bit late and missed out the group photo session. Hmm I like take couple's photo =) *sorry for blur image* Since I heard "no photography are allowed" and "no flash photography" from two different