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Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Blogger Adventure @ Sunway Pyramid #AstroOTGExplorer

There was this morning where Nuffnang bloggers woke up early to start their Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer adventure @ Sunway Pyramid . My eyes were too tired to wear contact lens hence I had decided to get the "Clark Kent look" for the day. Here's few of us who arrived early in the morning to cover the event! Always good to see familiar faces at one same place =D TianChad, KY , BeautifulNara and Jane @ Chuckei =D My little precious tagged along too =D   Hardworking Nuffies who woke up earlier than me to get prepared for the bloggers' adventure Chuckei's fans having star-struck and took the chance to take photo together =) 50 bloggers are all armed with an iPad to complete the adventures awaiting them Briefing time! A picture of the bloggers and event crews @ Astro 华丽台 station Since I can read and speak Chinese I was assigned to the Chinese Station ;p There are several different stations where bloggers need to compl

Trishaw Oldman vs Holy Cow

An oldman with his trishaw and not far way I saw this holy cow  In India, cow is considered a holy animal in their religion. Therefore the cow in India has another name called "Holy Cow". Therefore, the poop they excreted called "holy shit" haha! Just wanna share with you guys a picture as above - Trishaw Oldman vs Holy Cow Who looks more attractive to you? The old man with trishaw and the cute holy cow who was paying attention to my camera's shutter sound =) Before you continue to read part 3 of my travel to Incredible India (coming soon), feel free to check out my first two blog posts of my India trip! Places where I've been to includes Qutub Tower, India Gate, Jama Mosque, Taj Mahal, City Palace and many more!!  Read below: Incredible India with Senheng: Visit to Delhi & Taj Mahal, Symbol of India [Part 1] Incredible India with Senheng: Jantar Mantar Observatory - City Palace Museum - Bapu Bazaar [Part 2] Thanks for reading! Press

Incredible India with Senheng: Jantar Mantar Observatory - City Palace Museum - Bapu Bazaar [Part 2]

Picking up Taj Mahal @ Agra, India  In my first India trip post, I've talked about my visit to several place as below: [Day 1] Basically spent time in the plane. Flew from KLIA - Singapore - New Delhi [Day 2] Photo session outside of Qutub Tower, India Gate, drove past the President and Parliament Houses, government buildings and embassy area. Went to Badminton Semi-Final. [Day 3] Tour to Old Delhi and drove past Red Fort. Visited Jama Mosque and went to Siri Fort Sports complex to watch the Final Match of India Open 2013 [Day 4] Traveled from Delhi to Agra. Visited Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and Mohabat Taj Live Show. Stayed in Jaypee Palace Hotel If you've missed out the first blog post about my visit to Taj Mahal , you should read it first =) All right, I shall continue with my India Trip [Day 5]! Since I got feedback from my friend saying that my previous post was too long, I will just decrease amount of photo I wanna share to day and it will be all about