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Photo Face-Off with Justin Mott and Christy Yeoh on HISTORY Channel

I've been in love with photography for many years and always wonder what if photography challenge/marathon was being brought up to the TV Screen. Finally something awesome coming up on HISTORY Channel, it is called " The Photo Face-Off". "The Photo Face-Off" is an original series for HISTORY to showcase the unique cultures and diversity in Asia and you can witness five photographers from different continent take the challenge to PK with Justin Mott, a very active and talkative professional photographer that I've met during the Press Conference. Singyuin Christy Yeoh, participant from Malaysia is a kinda quiet girl but her image speak thousand words too. I can't wait to watch these TV Series on History Channel and hopefully I can learn a few tips throughout this show. Who know's one day I might be in Photo Face-Off Season 2? Haha!! Check out some photos below where Justin Mott and Singyuin Christy Yeoh were given an instant 10 minutes photograph

10 Facts You Don't Know About Houdini

Houdini escape from chains twining on his body I always love to see magic because the magician can always show me something that is quite impossible in reality. This somehow prevent me from getting "trapped" in the reality and to let my imagination go wild. I guess that's how I got some crazy ideas at certain work. Sometimes you gotta be different to stand out among the crowd, just like my #TCSelfie which I accidentally found out when I was playing with my camera. Of course, I believe the more time you spend on certain thing, you will be better and even excel in it. Just like Houdini, he did all the research together with his assistant and made a lot impossible to become possible.