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RedNinja Wiki Lee with AIDSaware by ruumz

Just now attended a wedding photography seminar RedNinja by WikiLee and before that we were introduced with Ruumz's AIDSAware Campaign.

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Then take photo together to create awareness. Jojo Struys done that in her recent blog post too. Woot we have the same message =D

Had fun listening to Wiki's talk as he taught us to be special, unique, stand out and be ahead of something. Most important is you must know what's your passion and get your own style.

Can this be one of my style? You need to be unique to be easily recognized like the BIG Guy above in ruumz.

I would like to thanks CK and ruumz for the invite and hope for more event~!

Was suppose to share about Gatsby Deodorant event but there are too many photo to be posted up. So wait for next post~! Sleepzzzz.....

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)