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Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot) @ Krabi, Thailand and #GDA

Emerald Pool @ Krabi, Thailand Hola guys! Here's a short post update as I am just back from Thailand (Krabi & Hatyai) for the 5D4N trips and it was fun to get involved in this #TSDayOut travel trip! Just to show you guys I was at the crystal blue Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot) at Kok Thai Sub-district.Sri Mahosot District. Which is a bout 23 kms from city center , Krabi Town , Thailand. "This hot spring originates from a warm stream in the lowland forest of Khao Nor Juji which is supposedly Thailand's last piece of virgin and fertile forest. The intensity of the pools turquoise colored water varies according to the light and time of the day so visitors determined to see the real emerald color should plan to visit at dawn or early in the morning . The pool, which can be visited all year round, charges and entrance fee of 20 baht. To get there, take Highway No. 4 to Khlong Thom District, then turn left to Route No. 4038 to Lam Hap Sub-district. The Emerald

Tourism Selangor #TSDAYOUT to Krabi, Thailand! Bye cat

Introducing the new cat that stay at the lobby of my condominium, his name is No-Tail and he got a brother named Got-Tail . So their names' short form are NT and GT . They are very playful and you can always see them in the morning/night . Hope they grow healthy like the other 4 puppies outside my condominiums and I will able to get chance to photograph them another time; The puppies still scared of me though =( Anyhow I am going for a 5 days trip to Krabi+Hatyai together with Tourism Selangor and fun peeps that no need to work on weekdays hahaha. Finally a short getaway from my recent video recording-editing spree. Hope I can get nice photos AND video footage through this trip!! *put up sun-glasses*  See you after 5 days GT and NT!! *Paw 5* Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog