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Fresh To Go Contest 2016 #7ElevenMY

"Fresh to Go, and we are good to go!" #7ElevenMY #FreshToGoContest2016 If I can only choose one photo to represent #7ElevenMY new Fresh To Go food range , above would be my final choice. So there's this #FreshToGoContest2016 that can win GoPro Hero 4, Polaroid Camera and iPod Shuffle , I went to a few 7-Eleven convenient stores to purchase my desired food as it seems they ran out fast on certain outlets. Luckily all the 7-Eleven are just nearby. I did my photoshoot at a swimming pool and thankfully weather was sunny to give that positive vibes. Below are some more photos that I've been finalized for submission, but since #7ElevenMY asked us to choose just one, the photo above is what I got after numerous try. You have no idea how many times I try to dip it into the pool for that perfect splash haha After the photoshoot I still finish the sandwich, yeah it is perfectly sealed and still in good condition after the photoshoot haha!!