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VCR Cafe @ Jalan Galloway offering Coffee & Cakes

VCR Cafe @ Jalan Galloway, Kuala Lumpur VCR is the cafe in black which located in the heart of KL city, in the old neighborhood of Pudu. They serve fresh coffee daily and that's the first thing you will smell once you step into the cafe. VCR cafe was a transformation from a building built in the 1940s, which is situated near the old Pudu Jail where most wardens used to stay in there (hence the name Galloway). With some modern twist to the old architecture, it has become a place that maintained the old school structure yet have the modern deco and design within (especially the light that has been photographed hundred thousand times) . Below are my takes to show you the interior of the VCR Cafe the #TCFishEye way.