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Samantha Brown Travel to Asia KL!

Samantha Brown's Asia beginning July 25 on TLC (Astro Channel 707) "Home to more than three billion people and some of the most intoxicating places on earth, Asia is a heady blend of languages, cultures, traditions, people and cuisines that can be an overwhelming experience for most. Unfazed and ever-ready for something out of the ordinary, experienced and well-loved globetrotter Samantha Brown sets her sights on discovering the allure of this diverse continent in her latest series, SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA . Hopping across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Japan, the world traveler seeks out authentic experiences while providing travel tips and unique insights to each country she visits. SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA premieres every Monday at 2200 hrs (10:00 p.m.), beginning July 25 on TLC (Astro Channel 707). Rediscover the amazing wonders in your own backyard in SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA this July, as Samantha visits the following Asian countries: Vietnam, Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore, Cambo