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10 Facts You Don't Know About Houdini

I always love to see magic because the magician can always show me something that is quite impossible in reality. This somehow prevent me from getting "trapped" in the reality and to let my imagination go wild. I guess that's how I got some crazy ideas at certain work. Sometimes you gotta be different to stand out among the crowd, just like my #TCSelfie which I accidentally found out when I was playing with my camera. Of course, I believe the more time you spend on certain thing, you will be better and even excel in it. Just like Houdini, he did all the research together with his assistant and made a lot impossible to become possible.

[Interview] Win 3D2N Trip to Penang with Joanne Yew now before 4 Sep

Few days ago I am honored to do a private interview with the female cast of The Journey - Joanne Yew together with a few other media friends. In conjunction with Malaysia upcoming 57th Merdeka Day, Maxis Hotlink organized a #MalaysiaSaya contest where Hotlink user can win priceless experience to travel with Joanne Yew for 3 Days 2 Nights at Penang. All you have to do now is to download the RED Apps and join the contest!! Now let's know more about Joanne Yew personally =)

Burning Rain at Good Vibes Festival 2014 @ Sepang

Last weekend I was suppose to go to Good Vibes Festival with little girlfriend but she fall sick the day before... So in the end I went there alone because I don't wanna miss out performances by our talented local artists besides Empire of the Sun and Ellie Goulding. Unfortunately the rain poured heavily when Froya was performing and a few performances were forced to cancel. Luckily both Ellie Goulding and Empire of the Sun performance still on. On that day itself I have somehow become "Daddy" of two.

[Review] Mi In-Ear Headphones #XiaomiMalaysia

Harlo Xiaomi fans, I hope that you already got your favourite Xiaomi smartphone. Early last week I bought myself a XiaoMi In-Ear Headphones for RM50 from Xiaomi Malaysia website. Bought it together with the big Xiaomi Powerbank so I can save on the delivery cost. It seems like Xiaomi Malaysia has restrict customer to buy maximum 2 powerbanks/day or something as I was trying to buy the Xiaomi Powerbank again but I will just always on their queue on my second try. Since may readers wanna know how is the quality of Xiaomi Earphone (or their so called  In-Ear Headphones), keep on reading to know whether it worth your money ya.

Alex Goot & Against The Current in Malaysia [Interview & Photos]

So today I got the chance to meet Alex Goot and Against The Current at Bentley Music Showroom for an interview session. (Thanks Dragon and Skinny Buddies Entertainment for the invite) Well basically we, together with media friends got the chance to ask a lot questions about their music career. How they started and whether their family is opposing/supporting the idea of being musician on YouTube. Let's check out some photos shall we??

"ESCAPE Shots Merdeka Video Contest" - My Rendition

Want to win total of RM157,000 worth of cash-prizes by showing your patriotism through video? ESCAPE Shots is a short video competition revolving around the faithful theme of "Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta". All you have to do is record a short 3-minute video showing your love for Malaysia around the theme of "Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta". 
To try out my luck, here's my first video submission for the video contest!!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hits Malaysia. Let's donate!

The first time I noticed about this Ice Bucket Challenge was through Instagram videos where people pouring ice bucket to themselves as part of the challenge. Only after I've watched the video by Dave BautistaI learned that this challenge come with a good cause, which is to raise donation to ALS organization. 
So what exactly is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and what are the rules for it? 

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park

After the Tea-se Session with David DeCandia at Coffee Bean, both me and Jennifer went to the dog park in Desa ParkCity for a 1-on-1 photography workshop. I am glad that there are people who wanna learn photography from me and I am able to give guidance on this favourite topic. I am not graduate from Art School but reading photography magazines and practice everyday can definitely helps improve your photography skill.
Desa ParkCity has a huge park and this is one of the place where you can bring your dog hang out here and to meet new friends. Just continue scroll down and check out some other photos especially if you are an animal lover =) There are so many things you can do here!!

Blue Tiger Tea & Tea-se Session with David de Candia

It is always fun to attend event organized by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CB&TL) because they always have surprise and something new for me to explore. Like this time, I met Mr David De Candia in person, the creator of the Blue Tiger Tea and storybook. I've learned more about how to mix-and-match different ingredients to make a good tea. I gotta say that there's much more to learn but David make it easier for us. We even got the chance to create our own mix of tea too! It was fun =)
Actually another reason I went to this event because the event venue is at Coffee Bean outlet in Desa Parkcity. I wanna go there to check out the dogs and photoshoot for them! Glad I did ;p You should stay tuned at this space for my next photo post which full of doggy photo haha.

[Review] Hotel Presidente MACAU 澳門總統酒店 & Timelapse at Night

During our 3D2N trip to Macau, we stayed at President Hotel (also known as Hotel Presidente Macau). Most of the hotel in Macau has in-house casino so you can have 'fun' at ease. This will be a simple hotel review post on what I've experience throughout the two nights here. There will be a video of the hotel room too. Check it out:

Alex Goot & Against The Current Live In KL 2014

Malaysian music lovers will be in for a treat as rising independent acts Alex Goot and Against The Current will be making their way to our shores next month. Their highly anticipated joint concert tour - Alex Goot and Against The Current Live In KL will be staged at the Bentley Music Auditorium in Wisma Bentley Music, Damansara Mutiara, at 4.00pm on 24th August 2014. Their Malaysian date is organized by upstart digital age concert promoters Skinny Buddies Entertainment, and is supported by YouTube Malaysia.

HTC One M8 Review - Is it a good mobile camera/smartphone??

Here's another review post about HTC One M8. If you love to shoot macro and flowers, read this post first "Flower Macro Shot using HTC M8 Camera".This post will gonna share on using various photography mode on HTC One M8 including the pro and con using M8 as your daily mobile camera. If you haven't notice, there are two problems that you might encounter when you shoot something hot and bright.

6 Must Visit Hotels in Macau - Amazingly Beautiful!

Here comes my second post about my 3D2N trips to Macau!! Since Macau itself has so many luxurious hotel in town, I am going to share with you some interesting part of many hotels I've visited during this trip. I was really amazed with the grand interior design where some hotel prefer to have huge marine aquarium in their hall and one with musical fountain that dance to the rhythm of the music with rainbow lights. Even just the rooftop is already beautiful crafted. When you visit Macau, remember to visit Grand Lisboa, Wynn Macau, MGM Macau, Venetian Macau and City of Dreams!!
Just continue scroll down and check it out!! Hope these photos will amaze you =)

[Photo] CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 [Part 2] #bmmy #cnblueinmy #cnblue

Yeap you read it right. It is CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 instead of 2014 hahaha. Knowing that CNBLUE was here in Malaysia again this year (CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live In Kuala Lumpur 2014) has reminded me that I've forgot to put up photos taken during their concert last year. I am not sure how was this year's performance but I bet it would looks great and even better this time. They spoke better Malay this time!
It would be fun to capture their precious moment again because I know Yong Hwa will always swing his hair with sweat splashing into the air or the fans haha. I've been trying to attend less event as I find that I have too much scheduled posts that I've promised to share but haven't. So yeah let's start with CNBLUE's photos shall we?? Hopefully like minded organizer will able to see my talent in it and hire me as one of their official photographers!! All I wanna do is to capture the precious moments and share with people around the world especially the…

Adobe Lightroom Exported Photo Looks Yellowish/Bluish? Here's the solution!!

I guess a lot Adobe Lightroom users will face this issue once in a lifetime. Your photo has been edited perfectly with desired color and skin tone and it looks great on Adobe Lightroom. Nightmares happen when you found out that the photos you exported from Adobe Lightroom has become yellowish/bluish and it definitely has changed the way how it should looks like. 
I've been searching high and low for the solution for yellowish photo exported by Adobe Lightroom and most of them saying we should do monitor calibration and color profile for monitor. Do note that there is a difference when you use different monitor to view the same image. For example, Samsung Monitor will show more vivid color with its AMOLED screen and you definitely need the right monitor profile to show your photo correctly. Sometimes even when you have calibrated your screen perfectly the image you've exported from Adobe Lightroom will still look awful.
This happens to me twice and I've finally found the r…

Who is the best of you?

Few days ago I received a mysterious gift. It is a simple black box with #thebestofyou sticker on it. So curiosity struck and I opened the box to find out that there are certain fun stuff hidden inside and it somehow reminded me to think of what's the best of me that I've done and achieved so far...

I am going to 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014!! Hi Korea!!

Today 6 August 2014 marked as a remarkable day for not only Samsung Malaysia and Asian Game Incheon 2014, but also considered as a special day for me too! Long story short, Samsung Malaysia has announced their Team Samsung Athlete and Social Casters today!! The two members of the team from Malaysia are non other than Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, the world’s No.1 badminton player, and Pandelela Rinong, the bronze medalist in diving at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Both me and Wilson from will be representing Malaysia and travel to Incheon to do live social updates about Team Malaysia in Asian Games Incheon 2014!! It was a very good news for me especially after went through all the sweet moments at London Olympic 2012 as one of the Samsung Global Blogger from various countries.

Samsung Global Blogger 2012
I would like to thank you Samsung Malaysia, blog readers, friends and family, and especially you who have been so supportive on and made all these possibl…

Win A 4D3N Trip to Hong Kong! I need your VOTE!!

Harlo guys I've just come back from Macau recently and I wask kinda regret that I don't have the chance to drop by Hong Kong during that trip. Hence I am joining this FB contest by "Discover HongKong" just to try my luck to win amazing prizes including a4-day 3-night Hong Kong travel package!! Based on Jason Godfrey's recommendation, it seems awesome to drop Pak Tai Temple, Tung Wan Beach, Tin Hau Temple  and especially Cheung Chao Island just to tan myself up!! *I am too fair my gf said haha*
I wanna be there to photography the sunny side of Hong Kong with my signature #TCFisheye!! Been to Macau so now it's time for HK! Please VOTE for me here!!

"Change your mind to change your life" 改变想法, 改变生活

Happy Sunday!! Recently I saw this video post and instead of just sharing through my FB and Twitter share. I've decided to share it as my weekend post so both you and I will able to read it anytime anywhere. Sorry that this post and video is mainly in Chinese. If you want to understand just use the Translate tool at the side bar ya. Take care guys.

"Change your mind to change your life"

******************************** 亲爱的朋友,其实我们大部分人都不是出身豪门,都是要靠自己的。你要相信命运给你一个比别人低的起点,是希望你用你的一生去奋斗出一个绝地反击的故事,这故事不是一个水到渠成的童话没有一点人间疾苦,这故事是有志者,事竟成,破釜沉舟,百二秦关终属楚;这故事是苦心人天不负,卧薪尝胆,三千越甲可吞吴

11 Places Photographer Should Visit in Macau [Day]

On last Sunday (20 July), we took Airasia flight to Macau for a 3 Days 2 Nights trip. Thanks to Hong Kong drama, my initial impression on Macau is all about casino. But after went there myself, not only Macau has many historical places to visit, they also have great food hidden along the street too. Today I am going to share my 3D2N Macau itinerary as a photographer who love to capture scenery, building architecture and cityscape. This place is amazingly beautiful at night!!
Since we stay in President Hotel in Macau, we decided to start our journey from Senado Square to Guia Fortress and all the way to Venetian at night.

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