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ZALORA 8th Birthday Sale Promo Code | Up to 80% OFF & Extra Birthday Anniversary Offers! #ZaloraMY

ZALORA 8th Birthday Celebration! Set yourself to the hottest and trendiest fashion deals out there! It's getting close to Raya but the shopping mall is not open yet for your Raya Sshopping yet. HOW?! No worries as today I would like to share this happy news and some Exclusive   Zalora Voucher Codes that can save you more money. ZALORA , celebrating their 8th Birthday this year with exciting and better than ever fashion deals for you to celebrate with! Here's the code for you to celebrate!! I've actually list down some of the available online promotion going on Zalora Malaysia . Feel free to check it out and grab them before they runs out! PS: Remember to try apply different codes so you can enjoy the maximum discount values. (scroll till the end for exclusive code for my readers)

Zalora Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Celebration @ Marble 8 Restaurant in KL

Zalora Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Celebration @ Marble 8 Restaurant in KL It was Zalora 3rd Anniversary few weeks back and I was welcomed by Zalora Malaysia with an invitation to their celebration at Marble 8 Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur. Together with LINE Malaysia, we had a good fine dining session with wines for Zalora's Birthday. The dress code for the event was "Formal In Black or Green" and I've decided to go with polka dotted dark blue shirt. (cos it was too hot to wear formal black yo)

My first OOTD #TCSelfie with Petronas Twin Towers

PETRONAS Twin Towers Visiting KLCC has been a frequent things for me to do. Not to shop (although I wish I can do it often) but to meet clients and attend events. There was once where I had a quick meeting with client and I was like... hmmm... I came all the way to this beautiful place and maybe I should shoot something different for myself instead of going back so quickly. So yeah, I've decided to do an #OOTD with #TCSelfie technique using my #TCFisheye haha. Sounds complicated? Basically is just me using timer to shoot myself and feature our beautiful PETRONAS Twin Towers .  This spot, which I am standing right now can be a nice spot to do photoshoot of Lewis Hamilton next time!! He has been wining lots of race and girls fall in love with him yo! I met Lewis together with Nico Rosberg a few times and all these must thanks to Petronas for that rare opportunity =) If you wondering how I sound like, just watch the video above as I am featuring Samsung NX30 Smart

Buy Daniel Wellington Watches in Malaysia with Exclusive 15% Promo/Discount -

Daniel Wellington Watches now in Malaysia Daniel Wellington , a name that you might have been familiar with if you are hipster enough as they have been appearing on many sites and social media channel including Instagram. I love DW minimalist design yet make it looks good on your wrist. Courtesy of Daniel Wellington, we recently did a collaboration and I got myself a couple Daniel Wellington watches delivered all the way from oversea. Below are some DW Watches photos specially taken and I hope you like our choice so far. If not, do check out DW website for more choices and purchase with my exclusive discount code. 

ZaloraMY x The Book of Life: Halloween Photoshoot #myzalorabookoflife

ZaloraMY x The Book of Life: Halloween Photoshoot #myzalorabookoflife Halloween is coming this Friday!! Have you decided which outfit to choose for the party at night?? Courtesy of Zalora Malaysia , TGV Indulge and Nuffnang , I got the chance to have a makeover by team Zalora Malaysia and SUB Makeup team in conjunction with the movie   "The Book of Life". Without knowing the full story of the movie, I was choosing my outfit based on Manolo but due to time constraint and unforeseen circumstances, I actually dressed up more like the evil Xibalba muahahaha. My dear friend Povy dressed up exactly like La Muerte.  Overall, I like the movie because it bring a message of "we write our own book of story, we decide our own destiny". I've always behind a camera but this time I am being photographed by the awesome photographers (Sadruddin Shafie and Hust the Mr Swagga ) in Zalora Office. Now I know how my client feel when I ask them to change pose hahaha. I w

ZALORA 15% Discount Voucher Code exclusively for Readers

Portrait shoot in Penang Have you tried online shopping for IT stuff or even latest fashion of your favourite brand? I've shop a few times through Zalora Malaysia especially when they have sales on my wishlist item. So far not bad as they have 30 days return policy if you got the wrong size or unsatisfied with the products. I've bought T-shirts, Short pants and even shoes from Zalora Malaysia and gotta say that their delivery speed is really fast. Satisfied with the product delivered as I've actually survey on the actual shop for some of the item to make sure that I have the right size. Since everybody like discount, I would like to share with you this Zalora 15% Discount Voucher Code ( ZBAPx8H)   especially if you are a new customer on Zalora Malaysia. Zalora Discount Voucher Code - ZBAPx8H Sharing is caring!! So shop now to enjoy the 15% discount!! You can also share this code with your friends as it valid for all new customers for a limited tim