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DiGi Angels Internet Gathering Sneak Peek + Group Photo

So the long wait iPhone4 landed on whose hand? Let's introduce all 5 finalists! Mohd Faridzul - Magdalene Lim - Lee Hui Yean - Wan Mohd Ameerul - Ho Wei Jie - I would say all 5 bloggers are winners but this time just have 1 iPhone4 to giveaway. Congratz to Finalist 5 Ho Wei Jie for winning his dream new phone! He start playing with it after receive the phone lol. As for other 4 bloggers finalist. Please do not give up on continue participate ongoing and upcoming Nuffnang's Contest because that's how I win some of the prizes from there! I still remember I have joined various contests but not every time win one. My motto is, Keep Trying ! Look at the brightside , your blog posts are more outstanding than 2000 other blog posts! Be proud of yourself get into the Top 5. *Click on the picture to enlarge* Will definitely need to get a wide lens + external flas

DiGi Buka Puasa @ The Apartment KLCC with DiGi Angels

On a fine day after rain, I took the LRT to KLCC because parking at KLCC is not cheap. Noticed lots of thing has changed such as Putra LRT's lighting is better, different kind of speeding sound. However, I feel nothing has changed for STAR LRT. Went there a bit earlier for DiGi Buka Puasa session with total 50 bloggers and met some familiar faces. I would say the foods at The Apartment KLCC tasted quite good especially the seafood and freshly sliced beef. (Based on personal tastebuds ya) "Ms. SM" did said that without taking a photo with her she won't allow me to go in. So I continue with her joke and took a photo la. Jestina, one of the Nuffies is now looking fresh with her short hair =) Let see what are the foods available in The Apartment, KLCC . We have tons of vege. Lot more dishes. Fresh fruits. It is rare to see rambutans on the fruit plates The best desserts Was doing some ice breaking session to know other bloggers better before the event really start. It

DiGi Smart Plan Break Free Party | Ecoba PJ Trade Centre

The sun has went to sleep but the "glowing yellow light" still shine on us. 100++ bloggers and guests were gathered together at Ecoba (PJ Trade Centre) for DiGi Smart Plan Break Free Party . First of all, thanks to my "Smartphone can be Dumbphones" blog post which help me get a pairs of special invites from Nuffnang =) You can join this party too if you are a DiGi Evangelist ~! At first, we were all locked up in the "Dumphone Jail" Don't we looks like the birds that was trapped in the cage now? Luckily there are three pretty DiGi Freedom Fighters that saved and released us from the "Dumbphone Jail" =D Yeah! We were free to join the DiGi Smart Plan Break Free party now~! Seems like not only us were being saved =) There are more people who were released to enjoy the party that night~! Thank you DiGi & Ecoba for serving us unlimited small foods and I do appreciate for that =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The party was