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7 Reasons To Stay at Hilton Tokyo ヒルトン東京

7 REASONS TO STAY AT HILTON TOKYO ヒルトン東京 Last year it was our first time to travel to Tokyo Japan. We stayed at  Hilton Tokyo ヒルトン東京 for 3D2N and the experience was great. We felt really welcomed the moment we reached the hotel and overall it was a comfortable stay. Hilton Tokyo is 5 minutes' walk from a metro station, 6 minutes' walk from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and 3 km from Yoyogi Park. Now please let me share with you reason to stay at Hilton Tokyo =) Hilton Tokyo King Executive Room Tour #TCTravel 

《2016中国好声音》马来西亚海选得主 - 何泇锂、朱洧锌以组合写一首歌突围而出

《2016中国好声音》马来西亚海选 - 何泇锂、朱洧锌以组合突围而出 备受全球华人注目的 《2016中国好声音》 再度与八度空间合作,在马招募优质学员。早前举办的地面和网络招募吸引了大约1000名本地参赛者,高手如云,最后仅有5组参赛者成功晋级。 中国好声音2016马来西亚海拔得主: “写一首歌 x 我可以” - 何泇锂 朱洧锌  昨日(6月2日) 八度空间特邀本地著名歌手黎胜铭 和 ntv7及八度空间中文品牌及节目总经理吴玲玲 担任评审,以音乐会的形式进行最终考核。成功获选前往中国参与盲选的是来自槟城的 何泇锂(25岁) 和 朱洧锌(33岁) ;两人以组合改编自弹 《写一首歌+我可以》 。

Seeties x Sunway Pyramid - Swipe To Redeem & Buy 1 Free 1 Deals

Seeties x Sunway Pyramid - Swipe To Redeem & Buy 1 Free 1 Deals  The other day I was covering Seeties x Sunway Pyramid Swipe To Redeem Launch Event at the shopping mall. That was the time I get to try out Jipangi and Monzeter Premium Fried Ice-cream other than shooting event photos for their launch. Double yay =) Seeties kick-started their first collaboration with Sunway Pyramid, together with MRCA President Dato’ Garry Chua and Sunway Pyramid CEO HC Chan . Currently, there are more than 100 deals offered by Sunway Pyramid’s merchants covering food, shopping and entertainment experiences. Users can pick the deals they like and save them into a Voucher Wallet, before redeeming the voucher at the shop whenever they wish, with a simple ‘Swipe to Redeem’ button. Overall, I love Seeties apps and GUI layout. More event photos below =)