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My New Cam Nikon D800 First Time-lapse Video. Why not D600?

Nikon D800 with my always cheerful Kido Daruma Early in October 2012, I went to YL Camera @ Jaya 33 after knowing that the brand new Nikon D600 is available there. Before I reach there, Alvin (from YL Camera) message me that there is a second-hand Nikon D800 available and is in very good condition =) That made me wonder at first as I need to do a quick decision. Nikon D600 vs D800 I've read several DSLR camera reviews on the internet and the article that helped me made my decision  would be from . It made me easier to decide which DSLR to go for in just one day. D600 is a more affordable full-frame DSLR when compared with D800. D600's weight is lighter too; However what makes me go for D800 is because of its 1/8000sec shutter speed, 1/250sec flash sync speed. These are the main reasons why I go for D800 as I don't mind carry a heavier camera that can help me produce a better image quality photos with more flexibility. Of course, the