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WELLOUS PRODUCTS APRIL PROMOTION (Promo Date: 13th Apr until 27th April 21) I started consuming LIVEON Reviving DNA and EROJAN for Men to improve my health. After I saw the positive effects by consuming these two health products, I started recommending to my friends and family and they found it helpful to improve their health. Especially LIVEON 复活 DNA that helps many friends with joint pain condition. I eventually understood that Wellous Group is having more than just two good products. There are more complete super food products that keeps us healthy. Other well know products including TIGROX TIGER MILK KING, IMUGLO, LOQUAT,  BIO-LINGZHI, BIO-GRAPESEED, SPIRO, FRUSSO, M-COLL, iBLINGs (E-VITE, S-GLOW, D-VINE), NOVIA, HOMEGA, PROBIOME and many more health products coming in near future. It's been more than half a year since I joined Wellous Group (since Oct 2020), other than sharing these beneficial health product that can help people, I am glad that not only I become healthier

【REVIEW】AEMIS PROBIOME - Probiotic and Prebiotic for Healthy Gut

AEMIS PROBIOME Billions of guardians for your gut from Prebiotic to Probiotic 【REVIEW】AEMIS PROBIOME - Probiotic and Prebiotic for Healthy Gut I have a weak stomach, and I love to try out street food whenever I travel. Therefore most of the time I easily catch stomach flu or diarrheas if I ate too much of street foods. With the bio-science base knowledge that I have, I do know that probiotic and prebiotic are both very important and healthy to me to maintain a healthy gut.  After consume Aemis Probiome for almost a month, I can see that I have stronger immune system when it comes to food. For example, after I ate the raw crab, prawn and salmon dishes at @omgcrab in The LincKL, my tummy have no issue at all. I noticed I have better bowel movement and no pain when I excrete human waste a.k.a. poop. It is very suitable for someone who has constipation or diarrhoea, loose and watery stools, so if you want a healthier gut like me. Try out AEMIS PROBIOME probiotic for better health today.