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Lim Yu Chun Music Showcase @ Lot 10 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会

Lim Yu Chun Music Showcase @ Rootz Lot 10 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会 Invited by Sony Music Malaysia to attend Yu Chun's Music Showcase at Rootz Club . The day Shout! Awards is going on too. That explain why not much people attend for this music showcase =) I guess blue drinks were served because YES sponsoring this event besides My FM and Sony Music? Jason from My FM was the emcee. He is as fair as a vampire. After waiting for so long, at last Taiwan Version's Susan Boyle 台版蘇珊大嬸 - Yu Chun appear on stage and direct sing a few songs Lim Yu Chun - 未来的第一站 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会 LimYuChun - I Will Always Love You 【未来的第一站】音乐会 The moment YuChun drink water with pout mouth Three lucky fans were picked to sing a song and Yu Chun 育羣 shouted for that guy when he reaching high pitch =) A group photo with the lucky fans Congratz to all 3 lucky fans who won Yu Chun 育羣's album~ Not sure if it is hot on stage, Yu Chun need his handkerchief to wipe the dripping sweats. He drinked a lot water too. May