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Chelsea vs MU Viewing Party @ Padang Timur | EveryoneConnects

First of all, congratz EveryoneConnects [EC] on become 1 year old! I just pay a visit to their site and was impressed with their Christmas Themed website . I like the fireworks =) Yeap that's me the fella wearing a santa hat wonder in the city of Everyone Connects. Good news for the football fans who wanna watch Chelsea vs MU match LIVE with big screen ~! This Christmas Chelsea vs MU viewing party is coming to town Date: 19 December 2010 (Sunday) Time: 12 pm – 2 am Venue: Padang Timur, Dataran Petaling Jaya This Battle of the Champions: LIVE viewing party will have the largest TV screen in S.E.A. You can catch up with latest Man Utd news before the match day at The Stadium @ EC website There are chat boxes at Kopitiam @ EC website for you to leave comment/feedback of the game . You can and also chatting with others fella/felli in the town. Get exclusive TM Man United merchandise and FAN ZONE seats when signing up for any TM products or services. For more info do like E