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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at FRIM Kepong & LaFame Bridal Studio

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at FRIM Kepong and LaFame Bridal Studio Sneak peek photo by LaFame Bridal Finally! We had our prewedding photoshoot done with the team from LaFame Bridal Studio in SS2.  Courtesy of LaFame, we were one of the lucky winner to win Lafame’s Best Couple Search Contest in conjunction of 1st anniversary. Thanks to the support from all my friends and family, we won an indoor photoshoot session and later decided to upgrade to include outdoor photoshoot session. Every couple who are planning to get married can read this post as I will share my experience and perhaps some helpful tips for you to get ready and find the right pre-wedding bridal house, including gown selection, make-up artist, photographers and things included in your package.  People say I can shoot my prewedding because I am a photographer myself, I think I will able to do it too BUT it takes a lot of efforts and preparation to make it possible. I can't just use my #TCFisheye to do the


FRIM KEPONG MALAYSIA | THESE FLOWERS ARE ... #TCTRAVEL It's the weekend guys, so instead of recommending you to the 99 Wonderland Park in Batu Caves which is over crowded with traffics and people. I would like to recommend you to visit FRIM Kepong again. I've been there twice although it is quite far from my place, but I still love it the moment I'm in there. Breathing in fresh air that you'll never get in the city, listening to the sound of cicada and insects making that most natural orchestra, absorb all the positive energy that will makes you feel alive. Aww I miss FRIM Kepong =) I've finally got time to edit the vlog that I recorded last year so do watch it if you never been to FRIM Kepong yet. The Canopy Walkway is already closed but you can still go to FRIM for jogging, dipping legs at the waterfall or just enjoy the peacefulness at the lake. I am sure nature lovers like you will love it. Feel free to read my 7 Things To Do at FRIM Kepong pos

【HIPPIE CAFE】 - The Hidden Gem In Kepong Jinjang Utara

【Hippie Cafe】 - The Hidden Gem @ Jinjang Utara Other than the beautiful  FRIM Kepong , I seldom go there. But there's this nice hipster cafe hidden in Kepong township that I would like to share with you, it's called the "Hippie Cafe" . It was well hidden on top of the mini Tesco Express Jinjang Utara.  Initially I didn't see the cafe because the entrance was at the side of Tesco Express. However, the moment I went upstair, it shows a different view. There are wall-arts all around the corner and what attracted me are the lighting and wheels-shape clocks installed at the interior. Since I was hungry, I went to the counter and ordered their Curry Spaghetti and a green tea.  There was only me in the cafe with a few youngsters at the kitchen.  It took them a while to prepare my meal but I understand why when I saw my Curry Spaghetti. It looks very neat and my usual photography habit tell me to photograph it.

7 Things To Do In FRIM Kepong - Canopy Walkway, Jogging & Nature Trekking

7 Things To Do In FRIM Kepong, Kuala Lumpur As a person who spent his childhood in an estate, I love exploring the nature and doing variety of outdoor activities during my free time. Rich variety of flora and fauna that I can find in the jungle is just amazing. I've been exploring new places and share things that I did at this blog. So today, I would like to bring you to a road trip to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) @ Kepong  with a photo story. Let's check out adventurous things that I did in FRIM shall we?? FRIM KEPONG MALAYSIA | THESE FLOWERS ARE ... #TCTRAVEL