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Jessie J Live In Malaysia 2012 @ Sunway Lagoon [Photos]

Brought to you by Tune Talk, Jessie J is Live in Malaysia . Just went back from the concert and Jessie J's live performance was really awesome! She had an interchangeable outfit but we are only allowed to snap first three songs. It would be greater if I can snap more photos of her different outfit together with her interaction with the crowd and 6 talented musician that made this an awesome concert at Sunway Lagoon ! Below are just some sneak peek photos and hope you like it! Cropped a photo that is suitable for your FB Timeline. Share it out! Jessie J cutest moment Jessie J's interaction with all her talented music band Jessie J Love Me Jessie J and the backdrop Sing it out loud! Yeah! Here's the song list for Jessie J Live In Malaysia 2012 concert : Who's Laughing Now Rainbow Stand Up Casualty of Love Nobody String Intro Nobody's Perfect Never Too Much Abracadabra I Need This Technology (Acoustic) Love (Acoustic) Who You Are (Start Acoustic then Build Intro Full

Top 10 Jessi J Price Tag Cover on Youtube

"It's all about the Money Money Money~" Jessie J's Price Tag is quite catchy and now is the time to reveal Top 10 Best Music Cover on Youtube . You can read about Top 10 Katy perry's Teenage Dream music cover too! Top 10 Jessi J Pr ice Tag Music Cover Every artist featured here has their unique voice and especially their own styles in presenting the song. Some even amend the melody, music instruments and lyrics to fit their characters. Will you tell me which one is your favourite? #1 Maddi Jane - A young girl with good production team that featuring her and her voice. This video already reach 22 millions view on Youtube and still increasing =) #2 KarminMusic - I like her voice and this time trombone was used as one of the music instrument. Nice combination I would say =) They are invited to perform live in Ellen Show too. #3 Jayesslee - The cute + pretty twin sisters that always do good music cover together. When they sing together it sounds really harmonic =)