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【PHOTO】ONG SEONG WU FAN MEET IN MALAYSIA #ongseongwu1stfanmeetingtour #옹성우

ONG SEONG WU FAN MEET IN MALAYSIA @ W Kuala Lumpur #ongseongwu1stfanmeetingtour ONG SEONG WU ETERNITY 1st FAN MEETING IN MALAYSIA had a press conference today at W Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Ong Seong Wu, the former WANNAONE member is having his first solo Southeast Asia fan meet tour, with Kuala Lumpur as his fans meeting second stop.  The press conference started with Seong Wu saying "Selamat Dang!!" with his super cute smile. While the actual pronunciation is  suppose to be "Selamat Datang", which mean 'Welcome' in Bahasa Melayu. We thought there would be a Q&A Session for media but apparently the emcee and Ong Seong Wu already answered almost all the questions themselves. Hence for more about the Questions and Answer session during the press conference in Malaysia, just watch the video below: 【EXCLUSIVE】 ONG SEONG WU FAN MEETING IN MALAYSIA PRESS CON #ongseongwu1stfanmeetingtour


THE MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE MALL IN KUALA LUMPUR 2019 If you google about the Top 10 instagrammable/ instaworthy spots to go in Kuala Lumpur . You'll get a list of results on the internet already. For sure you will visit Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, Thean Hou Temple, Alor Art Street in Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL Eco-Forest Park (Taman Eco Rimba KL), Federal Territory Mosque, Astaka Morocco and Putra Mosque in Putrajaya. However today I would like to share this brand NEW addition of instagrammable place in Kuala Lumpur to the list. This place is actually a mall in the heart of KL (walking distance from KLCC) and if you love arts and nature being combined with the architecture. You'll definitely love this place. Let's have a look what they have over there.

ONG SEONG WU First Fan Meeting In Malaysia 23 March @ Axiata Arena #ongseongwu1stfanmeetingtour

Ong Seong Wu First Fan Meeting in Malaysia Saturday, 23rd of March 6pm @ Axiata Arena South Korean singer and actor of Wanna One fame, Ong Seong Wu is set to stage his debut solo appearance in Malaysia! Organised by Hatchery , Ong Seong Wu First Fan Meeting in Malaysia will be taking place at one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prominent venue, Axiata Arena on Saturday, 23rd of March at 6pm . Malaysian fans of the 23-year-old showed how eager they are to see their idol in person as tickets are snapped up in a week since ticket sales launched, leaving the Apple Zone, priced at RM580, COMPLETELY SOLD OUT !

TRAVEL TO BHUTAN - A Trip For Your Soul #Bhutan #TCTravel

【VIDEO】BHUTAN - A Trip For Your Soul #Bhutan #TCTravel Finally I can reveal this Bhutan Travel video today! I've many things to share about this but I didn't want to share it until we completed the sharing session in Table 23, Kuala Lumpur today. Thanks to DrukAsia for the arrangement and a chance for us to explore this happy place - BHUTAN. This time I've edited the video in a much simpler editing yet putting so much efforts in it. Other than trying to look for the perfect music to illustrate our 7 days journey to Bhutan, I've also spent so much time in trying to squeeze everything into one video, which is to share the captured precious moment through visual vibes instead of just photos. It was not easy to shoot photos and videos at the same time because sometimes you'll miss that moment. However, I do hope you will like it when you start watching it. In short, Bhutan is a place for happiness and to detox your mind. Trust me, a trip to Bhutan is a trip f

【Review】Sony Headphone WH-1000X M3 with Wireless Noise Canceling

【Review】Sony Headphone WH-1000X M3 with Wireless Music and Noise Cancelling Feature Exactly a month ago,  I've got this new headphone for a test. Usually I will just use earphone (because my handphone got earphone jack) and it is very important when you do your work outside. If you don't want other noise to disturb you, wearing earphone would definitely help. (So your music won't disturb other too) I will share with you my experience after using it for a month. It is great now listening to music wirelessly, regardless of going to the gym with it, or edit video where I need to listen to the music and tempo repetitively. Now I can jump rope headphone on without worries of getting tangled with the earphone wire.