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@JonasBrothers Malaysia Concert with Love Bug Again [Photos & Video]

Jonas Brothers Live in Malaysia 2012 @ Stadium Negara [24 Oct 2012] Jonas Brothers Live in Malaysia 2012 was successfully organized at Stadium Negara . Heavy rain striked before the concert start. Even I myself need to buy the RM5 raincoat just to protect my cameras. And yeah the expensive RM10 parking around the stadium. How I wish I have parents like some of the fans who came and fetch them.  Anna Maria Jonas Brothers concert started sharp at 8PM by guest performer Anna Maria (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle). Anna performed 2 covers (Rihanna's Only Girl + Katy Perry's The One That Got Away) & 2 originals (Insomnia). Anna Maria said 'terima kasih' (thank you) to all the audience. Awesome! After a 20 minute wait, the show continued at 8.45PM. Jonas Brothers came up on stage and immediately dived into their first song - Look Me in The Eyes . The crowd were ecstatic with non-stop cheering & waving of fan signboards while Jonas Brothers performed.

Jonas Brothers Live In Malaysia 2012 Concert [Exclusive Giveaway]

Jonas Brothers Live In Malaysia 2012 24 october 2012 (Wed) 8.30 PM Stadium Negara Jonas Brothers Live In Malaysia 2012 Concert Malaysia is chosen by the Jonas Brothers as part of their worldwide comeback tour. Catch the Jonas Brothers Live in Malaysia and witness their music live on stage for the very first time on 24 October 2012 at Stadium Negara! Jonas Brothers commented their comeback tour signifies a new chapter of their life. hence they want to explore a new territory that's new to them, which is Asia. Most probably there will be three new songs (from their new album) sung in the upcoming concert in Malaysia. Jonas Brothers are really excited as they finally can meet their fans who had sent their song requests through social media network including Twitter and Facebook. The American singer-cum-actress Anna Maria is set to open up for the Jonas Brothers’ concert in Kuala Lumpur. The 22-yeard old young lad born in San Francisco, California is an acti

Jonas Brothers Live In Malaysia 2012 Video Conference

Just came back from Jonas Brothers Live In Malaysia 2012 Video Conference and here's Jonas Brothers live streaming through Skype. Let see what they have to share with Jonas Brothers' fans in Malaysia. The thing that prompted Jonas Brothers' reunion is that now is the right time for them to get together again, be open minded, discover new stuff and create new music & performance. Over the past few years the brothers have never been apart even though they have gone temporarily solo with their personal projects. They have commented that their current reality TV Show, "Marriage to Jonas" is a great experience to the whole family as friends, relatives, and the brothers themselves get to appear in the show. Married to Jonas: Review Buzz Kevin commented that through this show it enable them to know more about each other while being recorded down. "Married to Jonas" will document the young couple's domestic life as well as the brothers'