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Sunway Education Info Day 2012 | 17-18 & 24-25 March

Here's one fact about me, with adequate knowledge that I learn from my uni. I've learned how to conduct fermentation with this machine below =) Yeah, if only I own this machine plus an autoclave machine I could have culture my own yogurt drink~ Beneficial microbes fermentation during my scientist lifetime. It was really fun to able to create something that's good to the environment. If you are just graduated and thinking of where to further study, here's something you shouldn't miss out =) Woot! Sunway Education Info Day is coming back again this year! It will be on 17-18 & 24-25 Mar, 10am- 4pm as published on Nuffnang blog . There will be two sessions in March and be sure to drop by for both events! Discover Your Dream Career! 17-18 March (10am- 4pm) New graduates, jumpstart your dream career with a recognised degree ! Get started and realise your career aspirations with the diverse degree programmes in Sunway. Let their academic speciali

Choosing the Right Path @ Sunway Education Day

Recently back in my hometown, I had a gathering with a couple of secondary school mates. We were chit chatting updating about each other's lives and it happened that we reached a topic about the paths each of us had chosen after graduating. We remembered clearly that we were indecisive and almost none of us had a clear idea of what we were going to do then. Me with some of my secondary school mates I remembered asking around seeking advice from family and relatives, friends and seniors just to have at least the slightest idea on what are the potential or what seemed to be the ideal course or educational institution to get enrolled in. I was afraid of choosing the wrong course, or simply choosing what others think I should take up instead of what I really like. I was also worried about the education fees and whether I can afford the overall cost of my future education. TC graduated from Kindergarten I still remember that time was a hot day and I wondering why teacher ask me to wear