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Sponsored Video: Uncage Yourself, Pursue Your Dream

Tiger Graffiti at Rabbit Hole Changkat Bukit Bintang - by Kenji Chai Not sure since when most of the parents have this typical concept: If you want to be success in a career, become an engineer, doctor or even a dentist to have a bright future. Don't ever get yourself involved with something related to art and music because you will have NO future with it. If you are in an Asian family, this concept somehow stay stronger in your family.  Since I was young, my primary school teacher will ask me what is my ambition yearly. One time I say I want be a policeman, next year I say I want to be a firefighter. Honestly, I don't know what I wanted to be when I was at that age and it always change.  As a person graduated with a science degree - Biotechnology, I thought I was going to do something great with it but I lose interest in it after the constant same work in the lab. I like to explore the outside world which is so big and different. There is so much more for you to

Exclusive Premier of "The Sparkle Project" with @YunaMusic. Creative MV!

Yuna Zarai , showcasing her new music video for her single, "Sparkle". A music video created on the Samsung GALAXY NOTE. "The Sparkle Project" , Malaysia's first music video created with the Samsung GALAXY Note , made its official debut today to members of the entertainment industry and fans of the Samsung GALAXY Note and Yuna, showcasing Yuna's new music video for her single, "Sparkle" . The music video is the result of a creative partnership between Yuna and Samsung Malaysia Electronics. Blue lanterns and lighting setup at The Delicious @ Marc Residence. Talented guitarist rehearsal on stage! Bloggers buddy Ruby , Putra , CikLilyPutih and Nuffie Anne~ Autographed poster was given out to the audience by answering really easy questions. They can raise hand at the very same time, so end up all of them won~ Who cheered "Samsung" the loudest will win the prizes Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. &quo