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CNY Bai Tian Gong Polis Datang 初九拜天公警察來

Thanks to neighbourhood who  CNY Bai Tian Gong @ 初九拜天公 as this is the time I can witness many fireworks during midnight. I was watching NTV7 "The Super Match-Makers 媒人帮" then suddenly the fireworks started. Rushed out to the balcony with my DSLR and start snapping some left over. Without tripod and proper focus  Purple pink and green I like this shimmering gold the wind was kinda strong tonight and all fireworks blowing to one direction A lady burning stuffs for god and the other neighbourhood burn firecrackers at second floor My favourite photo of this post The moment before last missile of fireworks Suddenly... Police Datang!!!  This picture may explain people who play fireworks/firecracker just now. Run!!! I've met once during n times Chinese New Year and they were here to warn us not to play fireworks again. Tonight not sure they manage to get "ang pow" or not. PS: Isn&