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How I Got My First Car & How You Should Get Your First Car

I consider myself one lucky guy as after I graduated from uni and I need to work in town, I can just borrow my father's old car and use it for work/travel. I still remember my father had this Proton SAGA for a very long time since I was 9 (I guess...) and it is still working good for me. Believe it or not, this Proton's air-conditioner always work wonders and able to function properly although the car is very old already. I gotta admit because of my humble Proton SAGA I get to visit many places and attend numerous events. This Proton somehow contributed a lot in helping me to build my full-time blogger career too. Without this car, I don't think I can attend events on time. Imagine you need to take the public transport and accept overcharge taxi-fares just to go to the city! Unfortunately my house is not near to any LRT and I must have a car with me! I bet some of you guys who like to attend events would like to have own transport to go anywhere you want right? The o

Incredible Deals on Wheels Promotion with Proton Saga FLX

"Jingle bell Jingle bell Jingle all the way~" Christmas is coming soon and above picture was captured at e@curve. Now is already the school holidays and everyone hopes to travel around during their free time! I've noticed that people are now interested to visit i-City. I've visited i-City last year but I guess it is time to visit there again for their Snow walk, a place 50,000 square feet of arctic environment below 5 Degree Celsius for family fun with ice sculptures and rides. Talking about rides, I was thinking about getting myself a spacious and comfortable ride like the new Proton Saga FLX – just in time for all the travels during this festive season. Have you guys seen it? Some of my friends have it and I traveled in their car a couple of times, I must say it is surprisingly spacious! Plenty of leg space for the back passengers. Also since I’ll be driving my friends up to Cameron Highlands, another reason to get it?;) I also checked out the boot space, huge capa

New Proton Saga FLX for Youth Like Us!!

Did you go to the One Million Youth Gathering held last May? An event that Malaysian youth from all walks of life gathered at Putrajaya, participating in over 200 programmes and activities. Answering the call for greater youth engagement was national carmaker, PROTO N . The car maker received widespread attention over the three day event, as its lineup of cars reflected the youth’s demand for quality and value . Showcasing its current stable of cars along with its involvement in Formula 1 and rallying, guests to the PROTON tents were provided product and technical briefings, with CamPRO Engine technical briefings and assembly demonstrations. Attending youths expressed great appreciation for this effort to provide deeper product understanding, and were duly impressed by the carmaker’s commitment towards innovation. I as my self would like to have a trustworthy car with good performance and also safety. This is because I would like to travel around Malaysia with my