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My 2 Minutes Ice Cream Attempt – Like a Boss

Yo guys, I've been busy with some stuff and editing video has suddenly become part of my daily life as I am practicing my video editing skill now. You should have noticed that I’ve published quite a lot of videos recently if you've subscribed to my YouTube channel . [If you haven't, please subscribe now =D] Just recently I saw a video of Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts student, who managed to make ice cream in 2 minutes. The storyline of the video was depicting a heroine, trying to rescue her friend by using her Culinary skills to complete an impossible task under immense pressure. The most interesting part is the fast freezing stage where she used dry ice to quickly freeze the mixture. Really Like-A-Boss yo! Watch Taylor's version before you watch mine:   Make Ice Cream Like A Boss Were you impressed as much as I (especially the freezing part)? I guess students’ in Taylor’s have acquired skills during their Culinary Ar