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Think Twice Before you Prank Someone. RIP....

Found this video spreading on YouTube about a girl being shocked after finished talking on the phone. Ends up she run away from the stranger and something happened on the road.....O.O I really hope that this is some kind of movie special effect because it looks so real and sad!!! =X Think twice before you prank someone, really...... RIP Rachel T.T If you figured out this video is actually not real, please help me clarify this kay? There are people saying that this video is fake: #1 Camera movements seem predetermined. #2 When she gets scared the camera operator immediately follows her. #3 The car is not moving very fast. #4 The camera womam hyperventilates instantly. #5 The shot of the impact was too convienient. #6 The girl should have froze when frightened. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: The video has been proved to be a finished video using After Effect. Both the girls are actors, Cindy Vela(Rachel ) and Mircea Monroe .