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My First Broga Hill Timelapse Video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

After you reached the 3rd peak of Broga Hill, you will need to travel 3.1km to reach Gunung Tok Wan Before you watch my first timelapse video edited using Adobe Premier Pro CS6 (I am noob on it), let's have a look on  Broga Hill Morning Hike: 7 Things to Bring & Prepare  that I posted few days ago =) If you just want to have a look on what happened during our Nuffnang Shutterbug outing to Broga Hill , just watch the video below: Let's Explore Broga Hill the Timelapse way! That morning wasn't a good time to do timelapse video as the clouds and mist has blocked the sunrise. Anyway, I did manage to capture the moving clouds and people's tourchlight light trail at some part of the video. I am happy to meet a cute puppy during our hike too, its name is 'Xiao Hu' . Do watch the video above to spot that cute puppy~!! It was not easy to climb Broga Hill especially the day after rain but I am happy that four of us manage to reach the top includi

Broga Hill Morning Hike: 7 Things to Bring & Prepare

[Announcement: Broga Hill to be closed temporarily and the whole restoration project will take about three to five months to complete.  Read more at The Star ] Broga Hill , which also called as  'Bukit Lalang'  is a place where hikers frequently drop by for exercise or morning sunrise. Basically there are three peaks for Broga Hill and if you want to admire the sunrise, just stay at 1st or 2nd peak as the trees and mountain will block the view of the sunrise on the 3rd peak. I still remember during my first hike to Broga Hill, I feel really dizzy and face turned pale white like Edward Cullen... (Mosquito still sucking my blood though) I don't like that feeling at all but that's what happen when I  didn't have enough rest on previous day. But yeah, thanks to my buddies who took care of me and waited for me to feel better before I continue the hike. I am glad I did it that time and this is actually my 4th time to conquer Broga Hill and reached the third p

How to go to Broga Hill @ Semenyih?

Broga Hill @ Semenyih Broga Hill , which located at Semenyih is a place where people frequently visit during the weekend or school holidays. Three years back, Broga Hill wasn't that well know and it wasn't as crowded and 'botak' as today. Make sure you climb up the hill as early as 4AM or evening because sometimes people prefer to camp on the hill for the cooling breeze.  Remember to check the weather forecast so that you won't miss out the beautiful sunrise/sunset at Broga Hill. How to go to Broga Hill? With nowadays technology, it is easy to go to Broga Hill, just use the GPS software on your mobile phone for the location: Use Google Map to go to Broga Hill, find "Rabbit Fun Land" Use Google Map to go to Broga Hill:  Use Google Map to find ' Rabbit Fun Land ' . The entrance to Broga Hill is actually an oil palm estate which is directly opposite the rabbit farm. It will actually looks like the picture below Use Waze to g