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Stop Child Abuse...Stop Abandon Us

"I have no name, abandoned in a place where my parent hope I won't be found." The first thing that appear in my thought about child abuse will be the dumping of babies/fetuses and they were treated like a rubbish. There were cases of newborns abandoned in the streets or at rubbish dumps. Imagine a body of a baby boy who was left on the roadside was found by passers-by, with his left hand bitten off by wild dogs... Some were abandoned, dump at toilet or even buried... What happen to parents nowadays? How could the parents just dump their babies without even have chance to see the world better. If you are not ready yet to be a responsible parent, stop the "reproduction process". There is always this thing call condom and it is even cheaper than the cigarettes. Don't be a selfish guy just to have short moment of "happiness". I am sure some of you have watched the baby abortion video before. So do I. Sometimes a person can promise to ta