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Obedient Wives Club & Women Rights @ BFM

Obedient Wives Club , a women's group that aims to teach Muslim wives how to "keep their spouses happy in the bedroom" is taking root in south-east Asia, prompting outrage from Muslims and non-Muslims alike. There was a radio broadcast just now discussing about "Sex, gender politics and religion - Obedient Wives Club" on The above podcast had the following members as the panel; Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir , Sisters In Islam; Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa , Islamic Renaissance Front and Dr Azlina Dato’ Jamaludin , Obedient Wives Club. "Normally on the Evening Edition, we avoid the subject of sex, politics and religion. But today the gloves are off: we talk about sex, gender politics and the religion of Islam. Obedient Wives Club , Sisters in Islam and Islamic Renaissance Front. (Whew!) " Listen to the Podcast now! Interesting discussion between them You can download the conversation here "Polygamy is okay but not for every guy&qu