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Hair Model at TONI&GUY Hair Saloon & Academy

Today I went to Tony&Guy Hair Saloon in Patent House (beside Lot 10) for a hair cut because I need a hair cut, and it is free because I am lucky to be their hair model. Patent House have strong security for the lift because you can't get up without an access key or somebody pressed for you. Saw the fake monk (not sure if he is a real one) asking for donation from other people. It could be a fast money for him if there are a lot people who donate US dollar~! PS: My first time using this Photoshop skill. Now I know it is that easy to create this effect~! =D This is how Toni & Guy Saloon looks like on the top floor This is how TianChad look before he had his hair cut Usually the hair stylist train their cutting+blowing+dyeing skills using a model head on a "tripod". I name the "patung" Lady Gaga. But sooner or later they need real person to practice their haircut. That's why I was there =) Billy (Left) is the hair stylist that practice with my hai