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I Love U Shabu-Shabu @ Puchong, beside IOI Mall

Feels like doing a short and happy post today. It was a gathering day with my ex-colleagues @ Restaurant I Love U Shabu-Shabu (just beside Puchong IOI Mall and you can get free parking when park inside the mall). It is a buffet restaurant =) So when friend asked me where I am going to, I just said: "I Love U...................Shabu-Shabu!". Glad that I made them shocked & surprised wahaha~! You should try it too when people asking you the same question~ Comparing this picture with other blog post available on the internet. It seems like I Love U Shabu-Shabu is saving budgets investing on the seafoods? It looks like there are lots of empty space on the ices. However I still eat a lot of the big clams lined-up at the corner. The seafood corner look as much like this on January 2010, picture credits to IAmTheWitch You can get TomYam soup, Herbal Soup, Chicken Soup+++ and everyone can has their own bowl. My herbal soup ends up become super concentrated Seafood soup beca