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【Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course】 by Ivy Brow Design in Malaysia

【Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course】 by Ivy Brow Design in Malaysia Searching for place to learn   Eyebrow Embroidery Courses in Malaysia ? Last year I did the natural eyebrow embroidery for men (and woman) at Ivy Brow Design . This year, BON SENS Beauty Aesthetics &  Ivy Brow Design has officially launched their 'Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course' . Instead of  just sharing the curriculum of what Ivy is going to teach, I will share with you the experience of one of her graduated student from the academy. 

[GIVEAWAY] I've Got New Eyebrow! - Natural Eyebrow Embroidery for Men & Woman

Why I did Eyebrow Embroidery? To look better and boost self confidence when selfie with a sheep hahaha #TCSelfie *Photo taken at A Star Phulare Valley Resort Chiang Rai * Do you think eyebrow is important as part of the facial features?  I used to think that my eyebrows should stay the way it is but the more I learn about men's grooming and skincare regime, I know that a clean and tidy eyebrow is playing an important role too. I mean, who doesn't want to look super charming like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo right? That's when I explored more about Eyebrow Embroidery that give you natural eyebrow. I was worry that I would get that caterpillar or Crayon-Shin-Chan-like thick eyebrows hence I did as much research as I can and eventually went to try out this brand new Korean Style Natural Eyebrow Embroidery. In short, I am happy with my new eyebrows and I would share my experience below. My fiancé encouraged me to do it and she like the result. Now I have