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X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid: Part 2

Continue from X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid [Part 1] . I am now revealing the catwalk photos of X Top Models with the black sexy dress and elegant dress with/without the "blinky". I got one question: The black dress do look good but does the fabric makes you feel the heat? Because a good looking dress must be comfortable to be wear on too~ WaiYee Yen WaiYee Yen Norraine Chung SimHui Aw SimHui Aw featuring the V-back dress Fancy Goh Grace Chew Ieqa Natasha Kim Low Josephine Tan Benjamin Toong from Amber Chia Academy, taught the X Top models the right way to do catwalk Jimmy Wong who designed the elegant dresses One of the photo I like in their photoshoot- Phoebe How Now is the last and final set of dresses that the X Top Models will showcase. I don't really understand the gravity defying pose because of the twisting and almost fall pose =S Maybe it is to grab our attention? But I do like how some of the models swing/flip their dress and created the waves =