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Penny Tai Won PWH Media Choice Award

Taiwan based local multi-talented singer Penny Tai ’s music further recognized at the PWH Music Awards held at Arena Star, Genting Highlands. Hailed from Johor the tiny girl won herself six and half awards, among them were Local Top 10 Original Songs , International Top 10 Original Songs and Best Local Original Composition ! She also won the Media Choice Award for her continuous work in music field. The Media Choice Award is a prestigious award nominated and awarded by local media. With this meaningful award, she has created a new record as the first singer whom won for two consecutive terms! The event attended by Michael Wong, Jess Lee, Penny Tai, Manhand, Ken Lau, Will Ng and many more.  Penny Tai Won PWH Media Choice Award =)   Penny said in full emotion as she delivered thank-you speech: “It is a great honour to receive Media Choice Award as is a symbol of recognition for my work of music and other areas related to it. My deep love, burning passion and enthusiasm f

@NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Celebrities @ Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯 [Part 2]

So guys here is NTV7 Golden Awards 2012 Celebrities @ Red Carpet 金视奖红地毯 [Part 2]. If you've missed out the first one do check out Golden Awards Red Carpet PART ONE here before scrolling down =) My personal opinion regarding the second half of red carpet is there were more pretty and gorgeous celebrities dressed in their best outfit. So who has the best couple outfit? You tell me =D   That's all from me, photos taken during Golden Awards 2012 Red Carpet . There are actually more photos that is shared on my Facebook Page. Feel free to drop by there - TianChad @ 永遇乐 ! Hope to get your support my sharing your favourite shoot with your friends! =D UPDATE: NTV7 Golden Awards 《金视奖》 2012 Top 10 Revealed @ Teeq Brasserie [Celebrities Photos]+ [22/9