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Raleigh Introduction Weekend Camp Dec 2011

Is monotonous city life getting you down? Do you think that you have more to offer than just succumbing to routine? Do you want to let loose and Get Out There? Then be a part of Raleigh KL! Still not convinced? Then here are reasons why you should join our Introduction Weekend Camp Dec 2011 ! 1.Challenge your Limits,Go beyond your boundaries First, let me explain that one of the main objectives of Raleigh KL is youth development.( As Raleigh is a NGO with the goal of accomplishing that). And their main event is the 3-month/10-week expedition. Expeditions are currently made to 3 countries: Borneo Sabah (right here in Malaysia!!), India and Costa Rica/ Nicaragua. Now before you can head off to any expedition, you must participate in a 3-day Introduction Weekend which provides a sort of simulation to an actual expedition. So, by joining Raleigh KL, and ultimately going on an expedition, be prepared to push yourself further. Imagine wading through a river in “Leech Valley”, bearing e